Flavour n'abania is Crazeee!

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OMG. I saw this video on iktune.com music playlist.... Flavour N' Abania- ASHAWO REMIX.....

i was laugh piss for body! It is so maaad funny! Like the way he twisted the words in the song from the original. That boy must be a naughty trouble maker. And I am sure those hussling girls in naija no go like song at all!

And I can imagine some ariaria or onitsha market bad boys singing this song when a 'hussling' babe passes their store front without going in to buy something sweat:

The song no bad sha, the video is good too. grinning:

Very nice remix to this song. lolol


Man, i am sitting here at work listening to some of flavour's music and I just had to post that he is BUEI (to quote Sami)
i cannot seem to get enough of this guy...i think you have to be Igbo to get the nuances and the joke and humour in the music.

Up Flavour!
i would love to get a compilation of everything he's done, or the collabs he's done.

nobody can get me angry today while i'm listening and swaying to my Flavour.


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Loving Flavour...I saw a youtube video of a concert he had in Cameroon recently...I was actually a little scared for his safety, because those fans were going absolutely CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!...OMG ..and as for his hips....:o
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