Foods That Spice Up Your Bedroom

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Take a look and flirt with foods in the kitchen that can turn an ordinary dinner into a spicy night!

Figs - did you know that this ultra sweet purple fruit was a delicacy to the Ancient Egyptians and Greeks? Ages ago, and still to this day, some cultures believe that this fruit yields fertility. Could it be because if it’s striking resemblance to a vagina and it’s sweet, juicy center? Who knows, but it’s appearance, taste and texture are erotic in nature. So try sharing one with your loved one!

Bananas - while it’s phallic shape might be the obvious arousal component, studies have shown that this particular fruit is packed with an enzyme called bromelain, which is known to enhance a man’s sexual performance. This is also true for pineapples! So get creative and find a way to include these fruits into a meal.

Avocados – even though this fruit is comparable a to shapely woman, the Aztecs referred to the Avocado tree as the “testicle tree” because avocados hang in sets and resembled the male anatomy. This fruit is rich in texture and flavor and is known to enhance the function of the human glandular system. Not to mention, its health components! High in potassium, the vitamin B6 and folic acid you can’t go wrong with avocados.

Asparagus - did you know that this vegetable was served in massive quantities to men on the night before and the night of their wedding because of it’s rumored effects on male performance. Asparagus, though, is known to boost the production of the chemicals needed to climax in both men and women.

Almonds - the actual nut in it’s raw form holds many restorative properties and almonds alone possess great nutritional value. On the other hand, they have a very distinct smell and flavor when cooked. The aroma and taste when sweetened is known to promote arousal and was also known boost fertility.

Chili Peppers - the phyical effects of digesting chili peppers mirrors the chemical effects of sex in the human body. A chemical within the pepper that gives off heat happens to stimulate nerve endings, naturally raise the heart rate and causes the production of sweat. Research has shown that eating these peppers causes the body to produce the endorhpins that are present during sex.

Oysters – okay. True story: thorough the lifespan of some oysters, they often changes their sex from male to female, sort of like a rotation, if you will. Because of this, it is believed that oysters provide the perfect amount of zinc, which regulates progesterone levels, which ultimately boosts the libido.

Basil – this wonderful herb is good for the body in many ways. Its aroma is distinct and unmistakeable. When ingested, basil kicks the body temperature up a notch and gives off a warming sensation along with its capability to improve the circulatory system. Warm, good vibes is the best way to describe this herb’s effects.

Chocolate - yep, and the darker the better! Dark chocolate is packed with antioxidants while lighter or milk chocolate has very little cocoa and is full of sugar. When chocolate is consumed in its darkest form, it helps the brain produce serotonin, a stimulant, which is known to heighten the craving for physical contact.

Champagne - ever notice how the effects of champagne take place much faster than wine or alcohol? The effervescence of this liquid aphrodisiac not only hits the bloodstream with ferocious speed, but it’s also known to give off the same aroma as female pheromones! So that warm, bubbly feeling champagne gives off is meant to carry over into other activities!

Who knew a fruit or vegetable could be sexy, right? But as the old saying goes, “you are what you eat!” So make sure you give some of these food items a chance when browsing through the grocery store wondering what to do for dinner. Who knows what you may end up cooking up! Enjoy!


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So basically all of una weh wan marry so!
Take this food stuffs along and believe in me you go carry belle one time! :D


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...Burantashi...will spice up ya bedroom,dining table,washer-dryer top,kitchen countertop,ironing tabletop,motorooftop...tongue2:


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ogbono soup, akamu, fresh pounded yam, pepper soup, ukpa with dry fish, puff puff...thats why africa is the most populated country in africa..


I no get ya time!!
Oysters do wonders for the libido.....believe me, I know! :D

Raw fresh oysters served in shell with lemon and black pepper -wack a dozen at a sitting, and go home and see what Barnabas can do!!!!sport-s:
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