Fred Amata to Direct Abu Noah's 'Bai Bureh Goes to War'

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Man, we're even getting jobs outside Nigeria now?


Nigerian Director for Abu Noah's 'Bai Bureh Goes to War'

Standard Times (Freetown)
November 21, 2003
Posted to the web November 21, 2003

By Augustine Beecher

In his determination to promote not only the history and culture of our country, Sierra Leone, but also to project its image into the international arena, the nation's most preeminent scholar and entrepreneur, Rtd. Major Abu Noah on Wednesday 19th November 2003 welcomed three prominent personalities from Nigeria and Ghana for serious deliberation on the promotion of the famous 'Bai Bureh Goes To War'.

The play which was written by Rtd. Major Abu Noah has also been acted out fully by local artists to the appeal and pleasure of all who were fortunate to watch the spectacle on stage.

At a press briefing at the offices of the author, who is also the Managing Director of the Mount Everest Security Agency and Mount Everest Publishing House, Rtd. Major Abu Noah introduced the visitors, Fred Amata, a well-known directors of films in Nigeria; Olu Jacobs, a famous actor in Nigerian films that is expected to act as Bai Bureh in the proposed Abu Noah project; and Sondela Samura who is also a Sierra Leonean actress based in Ghana.

In his welcome address, Rtd. Major Noah disclosed that the visitors were here to deliberate on the prospects of making the play, 'Bai Bureh Goes To War' into a movie.

In this regard, he introduced Mr. Amata as the proposed director for the film, Mr. Jacobs as Bai Bureh, and Sondela Samura as a Sierra Leonean with an insight into the inner workings of the film industry in the region, is her to help Sierra Leoneans develop local talents.

Mr. Jacob observed that they were delighted to be here in Sierra Leone, for the first time, although he is no stranger to Sierra Leoneans, having met them on many occasions in other parts of the world.

He also noted that he was especially happy to be a part of the Abu Noah project, because he believed in the story of Bai Bureh and would want to be part of the process of righting the wrongs done to us Africans by Europeans in the past.

"Bai Bureh Goes To War is a perfect opportunity for us to begin to manifest that we can also achieve desirable results. It is not only educative but also gives us joy, and allows us to celebrate what is ours," he said.

He promised to ensure that they work together with Major Noah and other Sierra Leoneans on the cast for a better relationship and successful project.

Mr. Amata said that he too was delighted to be a part of the film project, especially as the play has a lot of important things regarding out culture and traditions as Africans, and teaches us of our life as Africans before the intervention of the whietman.

He also noted that it offers the opportunity for us to express the feeling that as Africans we have our own story to tell.

"Bai Bureh Goes To War tells the story fro the point of view of the African, and I wish to capitalize on it, the use of song, dance and drama," he said.

Mr. Amata is a recognized director of films in Nigeria and had directed nearly 70% of all Nigerian films or had a part in its production, in addition to a number of years study at a prominent Nigerian university.

Before going into directing, he said he had acted in several soap operas and other television shows in Nigeria, and has also taken part in countless theatre performances around Nigeria.

He is believed to be one of the most prominent film directors in Nigeria today.

According to Major Noah, the visitors are on a pre-production visit, during which deliberations for the production of the film are going to be discussed and finalized, following which more actors and actresses, including Genevieve and other would fly in to join the local cast for the final production.

Despite the reluctance of Major Noah to disclose how much the project will cost him, he was nevertheless certain that since he has never failed in any adventure, he was not going to fail in this.

The entire citizenry of this country stand by him, and hope that the project will be a resounding success.


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The reputation of the nigerian practitioners is growing and growing.This means that they will have to take on bigger responsibility of maintaining very high standards.
Great stuff. :)


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Originally posted by mamarita
When did Fred Amata start directing????

Will I be the next big african movie producer??????
I think he directed Kingmaker,abi?Gotta check that.
He is making quite a reputation for himself behind the camera sha.:)


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Originally posted by pat femi
Fred Amata is more of adirector than an actor going way back Sola can confirm this.
These days, yes. But he did start as an actor. Been around a hile.
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