Funny YMG homvie lines!

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PREVIEW of jelili part 2

jelili' sister,jemila equally an illiterate....the scene was where she was teaching in the village school
jemila to the students:

jemila:bakiteria yun, aarun eyin ni........ ki ni mo pe?(bacteria is a disease of the BACK...what did i call it)

students: BAKITERIA(bacteria)

jemila: se ri, back yun, oun ni wa ri teria yun oun ni aarun


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the theme song from the movie JELILI....:roll :roll am literally laughing my insides out

oniso fuke ni boda jelili (brother jelili's farts sounds silent)
frapapa ni iso broda jelili( brother jelili's farts sounds frapapa)
fufu ni iso broda jelili( sometimes it sounds fuufuu)
ko mo bustop ni iso won(his farts has no bus stop)
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