Furious 7 - Official Trailer


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Whoop, whoop! As always can't wait to have some fun!

Have they stepped their 'badism' up a notch or what? Bring it on!!

Furious 7 Trailer


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Dang:bananajump:!!!! now datz what am talking about. Definitely badass!!!
I can't wait. It just gets better and better. Continue to RIP Paul Walker.
I love The Rock:586::love001:


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Critics have panned this movie and its gaping holes like no man's business, but others defend it as sizzling fun and not an attempt at making sense.
Paul Walker is obviously mostly body double and cgi in it.


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Yup... but does anyone watch these films 'for the sense they make'?

Reason to watch -
Burning flashy rubber
Kicking some a$$
... end of story hahaha.

Oh and the opening scene was wikid... who doesn't like Jason?
Please bring on numbers 8, 9 & 10 ;)


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Yes I have seen it... just as expected it was good fun. Oh and Jason... that move must have brought in a couple of million extra female fans Grrrrrrr! ;)

And the 'opening scene' was unexpected, over-the-top-crazy, impossible in a million years and they can pleeeeease keep churning out this stuff for as long as they like. This is the same junk-food errrmmmm sorry... junk-film they've been dropping since the first one and all the 'pretentious critics' out there that don't like junk-food can go and live a boring life somewhere else haha.
Wikid cars galore, bad-boi fights galore, hot & not girls galore... I don't even know what the hell the film was about... please take my money already for the next one... oh and the next after that!

EDIT - Yes Walker is body doubled - his brothers played him. Most of it looks good, some is a bit obvious... BRB with 2nd edit... there is a video somewhere by the company that did the face-replacement; will see if I can find it again.
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