Genevieve Nnaji Buys $4 Million Mansion In Achimota, Accra


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Genevieve Nnaji buys $4 million mansion in Achimota, Accra
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Genevive.jpg Gene-baby
Nigeria’s actress Genevieve Nnaji has purchased a new mansion in Accra, Ghana. The new edifice valued at $4 Million dollars by property experts is around the Achimota area of Ghana.
She preferred the area to East Legon for reasons best known to her. The property which is being guarded by a security company is her private property which she will occupy anytime she is in Ghana.
She joins the likes of many Nigerian big boys and top government officials who are buying property aggressively in Ghana.
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Lets just say.....
this story is half baked,.....or is it overbaked. lol!!!!!!!!!!!

Basically, it is truth & lie mixed together. lol