Goodby Nigeria

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i am afraid.

i haven't read the article, but I am afraid nonetheless. I am so desolate at the murders of innocent school children.
I am....*deep sigh*


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Tunmi, you know whats so sad about it all The people are accepting it as NORMAL. yesterday on wtop radio station one professor was saying that the president of Nigeria do not want to risk the life of the solders to confront boko harem.I do not get it.


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That's a bold faced lie. Our soldiers, the creme de la creme of the continent, the ones who went to South Africa, to Liberia, to Sierra Leone....I know those men and women are still there but corruption has eaten throughout everywhere. If teachers and doctors and nurses are not getting paid, how can the military be paid. Listen to this parent's interview:

The soldiers had to run (rightfully so) because Boko Haram had superior weapons. Where is the money for defense training? Where are the funds to improve resources?
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