Greetings! I invite all of you...

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... to watch my film MIRACLE SEVEN on YouTube. I'm a black US film-maker who has only just recently discovered Nollywood movies. Wow. I like what I'm discovering!

Anyway, I think the Nollywood audience would enjoy my film. I hope so anyway. To find out more about it, just visit my site, MIRACLE SEVEN MOVIE WEBSITE - Home - or to go straight to the YouTube link, go to MIRACLE SEVEN THE MOVIE - YouTube

To be honest, I think I'm going to look deeply into making Nollywood films here in the US... I believe there are stories to tell here.

By the way, has anyone here ever heard of my 1st feature film, LOVE TRAP? It's being distributed (illegally) internationally, so I wonder if it ever made inroads into Nollywood territory. If not, I may put it online, I know this audience will love that too.

If anyone wants to talk, I'm here!


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Thanks! I can't believe I was in the dark for SO LONG about Nollywood movies. No longer. I'm going to look into working with those associated with Nollywood here in the U.S. I hope you enjoy Miracle Seven!


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I don't believe in god but I am willing to watch this movie. I really hope it's not preachy, I really do but I will have a review for you in 2-3 weeks, after FINALS!!!!
Hi Tunmi. When you get to the end of the YouTube link, you will need a code to watch the 3rd act. When you've watched it, send me your email address and I'll send you a code that will allow you to see it... looking forward to your review!
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