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Guilty Pleasures

Discussion in 'AFRICAN MOVIE REVIEWS' started by peculiar, Apr 14, 2009.

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  1. etheljunior

    etheljunior Member

    May 11, 2011
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    I heard it's superb!
  2. tunmi

    tunmi Active Member

    Apr 14, 2006
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    I liked the movie because of Nse and Majid. Honestly, those were the main reasons I saw the film.

    1. There was character development for Nse's character because I get to see why she is upset. Her husband pays her no mind but he does not let her work. It's like being a puppet really. Her character weaved English and Pidgin beautifully in a way that I have not seen a lead do in a while. I appreciate that.

    2. Ramsey did well in this and I particularly loved that his character wanted to do away with "Pidgin English." That, I found, is real to me. Pidgin is part and parcel of Nigeria and that you have a character who does not want that, is real because there are people like that. So, thanks for that.

    3. The lines were not too repetitive so that was a good thing.

    4. Majid is a delight. A true delight and I loved him in this film. And his Pidgin was welcome. He is a fabulous actor and his biceps are yummy!!! And actors need to take note, even if your acting is not up-to-par, if your body is banging, we will dash you small. Ask Van Vicker

    5. I absolutely must commend the use of music. An actual soundtrack to the film. Thank you. And by our own artists, thank you!!!

    6. Rukky Sanda was not entirely terrible, although Ufuoma Ejenobor would have done the role justice. The one distracting thing was the wig. It overwhelmed her face.

    7. Desmond's character was annoying. I understand what he was doing and some minutes in, I liked it. But somewhere along the line, the humour was not in it. This is good because I appreciate him not playing major roles, at least until he gets better, and gets some exercise.

    8. Stop the unnecessary moaning please. And learn to kiss properly. There is only one guy whose kissing scenes blows me away: Muna Obiekwe. Others are okay, but his is spectacular. Kenechi and Boma were painful to watch, at first. Then it got better.

    9. I like this movie, overall. At least part 1.

    1. In the scene where Rukky Sanda's character visits Terso (Ramsey), Liz (Nse) and Bobby (Majid) at home, I would have preferred if the discussion had included Nigerian politics. While I understand this may not be so with the sensitive and ludicrous nature of Naija's politicians, it would have been nice to hear a discussion on Naija's own issues.

    2. There were wasted scenes here. One at the party. I hate when there is a lot of focus on a woman's ass. I would rather you showed the entire body than just the ass. Yes, her bakassi causes issues, but showing the body, at least the top half is better than just the ass as is done in trashy music videos. Two, the shopping trip. Honestly, I did not know who the women were until Nse sat down. The shot begins with their legs, which is not particularly attractive since it is short and stubby. Honestly, if legs are neither long nor athletic, do not show them. I'm wondering, who the hell are these people and why are they here. On the other hand, I like the shopping scene is not too long. It could have been shorter, but overall it was bearable.

    3. The flashbacks were not necessary. The first scene should have been left in the first scene. We did not need to revisit it. That still played in my mind as the movie went on.

    4. Mercy's character was weird. The playing hard to get part could have been done better. I felt it was weird. Some coyness and flirting could have revealed that she was playing hard to get. Those scenes were Kenechi calls Boma or sees her at the party felt like he was a stalker, and that is another matter that is never addressed well in Naija movies (that and rape).

    5. Nse's guy friend, Lucas (played by Archie Sam) is horrible. Maybe he had the newcomer jitters but he was just plain ol' horrible. Someone should have had a dry run or several runs with him. And the couple pairing was not adorable at all. Femi Brainard or Yemi Blaq could have been a lot better, and cuter. I'll chalk it up to nervousness and blame the director for not having several takes.

    6. In the credits. Please either list the cast in order of appearance or in alphabetical order or in order of the magnitude of your role. I just find it annoying that RAMSEY is followed by DESMOND then by MERCY, MAJID and NSE. It bugs me. Desmond's role is minute, I could have done without it. It feels as though you're painting yourself as the star especially when your acting is so subpar

    By the way, I believe this is a cameo of Emem Isong. THIS is how I love my producers/directors/screen writers to appear.

    Emem Isong cameo in Guilty Pleasures.png
  3. tunmi

    tunmi Active Member

    Apr 14, 2006
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    I must commend the director for the way the camera moved when Bobby (Majid) was taking pictures. That was cool.
    I finally figured out why I ended up liking this film, it was not just a Desmond Elliot thing, Daniel Ademinokan also had a hand. No offense Desmond, but you need to brush up some more. I admire your tenacity but either keep working with Daniel or go back for some more training. I want you to be good but it's just not there yet.

    Nse has an ass. Omoni did well.

    Watching the Kenechi (Rob Loner), Boma (Mercy Johnson) and Nse (Omoni) affair was hilarious. Mercy plays a deliciously evil person but I could have done without the acrylic nails and the distracting bangles and earrings. The acrylic nails ruin every romantic scenes.

    Terso (Ramsey) and Liz (Nse) want to go on a vacation trip and Terso recommends somewhere in Nigeria. I love that the script has them looking to Nigeria rather than abroad. Now, if only he actually named several places. But I still love that the director and screenwriter had the characters look to vacation spots in Nigeria. Also directors, use scenic shots of Naija's beautiful natural sights. If the setting is in Lagos, have scenes of landmark areas, the roundabouts, the tall buildings (I'm fairly certain that we have some skyscrapers) not just the grand houses. The vacation spot in question is Kato Ranch, no idea where that is, or whether is fictional. Regardless, it was mentioned.

    I love when actors point to their sternum and call it their heart. This is a plus because most people do it, so I do not see it as much of a gripe, more of a short-laugh-that's cute moment.

    Omoni has the pretties brown eyes I have seen, although she does not stand out off camera. I see her picture during movie premieres and whatnot and there is nothing spectacular about her. But put her in front of the camera, in a film, and she strikes something.

    Nse has green eyes? hazel eyes? If they are contacts, they fit well, unlike Mercy's cat eyes.

    Majid is an excellent actor like no other. I want to see him, OC Ukeje, Femi Brainard and Segun Arinze together in something, particularly him and Segun Arinze. His rawness is explosive, and his body is divine. So, please no tattoos sweetie, please. And if you do happen to get one, please steer clear from that mess on Tonto's back.

    Ramsey playing a brooding, jealous husband is something else. He is good, there is no doubt about it. And he nailed it.

    I love the voice-overs, they are placed nicely sound-wise.

    I take it back. I found another great kisser: Majid Michel. Majid or whomever taught him needs to give our Naija actors a lesson in making out. First, your eyes should not be open unless you manage to convey some passion with your eyes (Muna, Majid). Second, there is an art to this, it is not just sucking face. And it helps if your hands are not just glued to his face, you're an actor. Act as if you want this person and you'd have them right there and then, cameras be damned. Otherwise, do not do it at all. Merely hold hands, forehead to forehead, nose to nose, and then hug.

    Desmond's character: "It is very important that we address ourselves on first time basis."

    Terso: Do you know how much you embarrassed me in there?
    Elizabeth: Do you know how much you bored me in there?

    The telly is on again. I actually love it. Whatever it is that is showing on the tv is usually more interesting than whatever is going on. And even when it is the weather.
    At the end, Terso is beating up his wife and the telly is still on. Mind you, he was outside waiting for his wife and brother to return.

    The ending was more humorous than anything for me. Nse's cries sounded a bit too constrained. I laughed at her tears because she sounded constipated. It also did not help that there was laughter in the background.
  4. vince

    vince Well-Known Member

    Oct 24, 2003
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    Tunmi on nollywood tour. I dey gbadun you jo, omotunmi.grinning:
  5. barbarellanoir

    barbarellanoir Well-Known Member

    May 26, 2007
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  6. toammyb

    toammyb Born to lead and follow

    Dec 9, 2004
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    I'm watching this movie again and... Ramsey Nouah is the king of suave! Effortlessly!!
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