Heart of Men: Ghana goes adult

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Watched this last nite and was a lil' disappointed. Let me just say this movie was wayyyy overhyped! It was an ok watch but nothing spectacular.
Am not really good at reviews but i will try,
The plot had alot of twists and turns and at one point, it was just all over the place. There were alot of loose ends that where not tied up or should I say were forgotten and am guessing it is because they spend alot of time just dragging the movie. For example, what happened to Nadia's xter?, what about the two sisters in the hospital?, what happened to the girls after the menage trio scene? etc,etc.
This movie had potential but it ended up like "gombo", too many different things put into one pot.
The musical score was over dramatized and really loud. Am referring to the opera music that kept playing. Loved the theme music though.
The flashback scenes where nicely done. Kudos to the Editor.
The actors/actressed did a good job although some of the supporting ones could have been left out.
Now the sex scenes: don't know why there was so much commotion about these scenes cause I didn't see anything raunchy or porn like in them. They actually made me laugh(alot of leg,neck and back kissing). All the bedroom scenes, the girls had their towels wrapped around them and the menage scene, they had their shorts on so what was the noise about??? Oh and the LOL part was Majid humping the covers cause you could clearly see the girl was wrapped securely under the sheets.
Nice watch but nothing outstanding or extraordinary!
Majid was good loved the part where he came out the bathroom and was talking to the police. His mannerism was on point(he still has that STARE).Biko dear, wax your bunbun next time oh!!!
John Dumelo, my lovehbeat:, this guy is too sexy but baby you need to loosen up a lil'.
Overall I give a 6.5/10 cause the editing and main xters where good!
I don try my best!!!


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The movies was a burst for me, a tad bit tacky in spots. All the huppla about nudity was overhyped for nothing. The script could have been better but somebody just took it a ran away with it. Those extras did not have a place in this movie. Thank God Nadia had some sense and just camiod in that piece. Jackie Jackie Jackie, how many time have I called your name? You need to put a break on it sister.


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It would be nicer to read it here instead. No poaching.
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I actually thought he said there is a new movie trailer by same producer in the link. And the movie is called "The Movement".
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Well, I've seen the movie and it wasn't so bad as some people said it was. I was watching and waiting for the "Abomination" but me I no see anything o. The movies was ok. All those not in favour should go drink some goat milk and calm down already.


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Review of Ghana's Heart of Men

Here's an excerpt..

"The highlight of this movie has to be the scenes of its full-on mimicry and impersonation of coital acts. They’re pretty fun to watch! Yvonne Nelson literally frightens poor Majid Michel (who comes off as “fresh meat”) as she goes for a piece of his huge nose, and puts Mr. Michel at a complete loss. He quickly flinches his head back and away from this “mad” woman, only to realize..."

Click here to read the full review! :glasses


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Youtube Comments on "Heart of Men"

See wetin this movie dey cause o! Our brothers and sisters fighting each other... Really sad I must say!

tufreshfor1that (1 day ago) this movie sucked! i was expecting much more from ghanian movies. they are already turning like those non sense nigerian movies with long and boring scenes.

stupidgirl636363 (1 month ago) OK I HAVE WATCH ALL THE MOVIE. what i can say is dat, ITs nonesense what was the msg anyway? it is just bullshit, i just watch the movie bc of the nadia and yvonne but iam regretting, it is ..........how can i say dis,??????? Ghana wanna do better dat NiGERIA BUT they are going on the wrong sight... the little porn they show us was miserable. i

toxyable (1 month ago) yes, with bandage around her wond. she didnt die. the gateman let her out when they were not watching. I guess the moral of this movie is nobody really dies. they just appear dead from gunshots, head bangs...that's assuming the botched abortion victims survived too. What was the essence of the 3some scene? they didnt get round to sending the sex tape? And Tracy's husband just vanished from prison? who confirmed her body apart from Richie (lawyer turned actor)? not the husband or family member?

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