Her Most Challenging Role Yet? - Stephanie Linus

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Her Most Challenging Role Yet? Stephanie Linus sheds Beauty for Post-Slave Role in American Western Movie – Photos
By BellaNaija.com

Wow, Stephanie Linus is really taking on this new role.
If you recall, BN exclusively gave you the scoop on her role in American Western production titled Boonville Redemption.
We can now get the first look at Stephanie playing Doris in Los Angeles.
“I play the role of Doris, a lady from the second generation of slave trade in America whose parents came from Nigeria.
Doris is no longer a slave and she lives with her Uncle in this community where people are not judged by their race or colour. She is a strong compassionate woman who forms a bond with a young girl, Melinda, who grew up not knowing her father.
Doris plays the role of convincing her Uncle to reveal the truth to this young girl about her father’s whereabouts. She also helps take care of Miss Mary, Melinda’s grandmother when she was ill and sheltered a young boy who had no place to stay.”
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Source: BellaNaija.com (More photos at the source)
Photo Credit: Stephanie Linus PR
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Re the caption: not sure how you can determine the challenge in a role from the available pixes, but production value looks good.
Good luck to Stephanie. She's getting into new things, and that is always good.
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