Hidden Treasures

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Field Marshal

why do they always have royalty set in the village speaking normally but when they set royalty in the city, everyone sounds like they have two fingers up their nostrils (or their butts) and shakespeare have taken over their bodies?

the crowns, the beads, the costumes, if they just left them to be dressed normally it would read better but claiming riches and then showing all these tacky clothes and tacky plastic jewelries just makes it very obviously bad, just terrible. even prince harry, prince william wear regular clothes.

my dear, i vex, i laff, vex, laff, vex vex vex until my oga was like "madam, please just remove the movie now if e dey vex you reach like dat haba before you jump inside dere begin slap persin!" LOL. i almost broke my television when they showed a pool of blood on the floor and the nadine character claimed that it's the proof of her virginity...okay, listen abeg, if anyone bled like that after they were disvirgined then they should have been in the hospital. i mean, was she having sex or being sodomized?
and the melodrama!!! they treated nadine giving the ill king blood like she was giving him a kidney ..."if i don't make it, keep this my most prized possession..." Then the king was her long lost father who had forced himself on a lowly hotel maid.... blah!blah!blah!

The prince was shot somewhere near the heart, was in a coma and after he awoke, the doctor after being notified did not go into see his patient but asked for the patient to come to his office to see him???? Alrightie then!

Nadine dey just dey roam forest...man abeg!

and unlike you my dear, that khiara or na wetin was driving me insane with his singing, and those stupid faces he was making especially when the king banished the prince from the palace. he was trying to be like the fat dude from Coming To America and it's a shame that we end up copying something that was supposed to be a parody!

i felt the same way you did about all the side kicks, heck I could tolerate Nadia's side kicks but Stephanie's? They all sounded like ILLITERATES!!! My boyfriend was like "what is with the porn star tattoos"...for shame!

how the prince and nadia always manage to meet on the road to have their discussions, did they call themselves ahead of time...no such coincidences!

the mispronouncing of names, ridiculous! Nadine that should be NAYdeeeeeen became NAHDin, Liza that should be LAIIIIZA because LeeezaH. Castle (when they lived in a palace) became CasTIL. There were many other, I can't even go there.
:laugh: sweat: :roll Chai!!!! BBFly! Abeg, I tek Abasi beg u, mek mai ribs no wound sek of sey u mek me laff O!!!!!!sweat:
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