Highly recommended Nigerian movies

Keeping Faith -it took me 3 times of watching it to catch on to the lingo( "jazz", "saved" and all that) but I started to like it after that and then I couldn't stop watching it. Everyone seemed so comfortable in their characters

Shattered Illusions- Dakore, Jim Iyke

Last Weekend (Who killed Pa Reuben?) - now that was a really good movie. Regardless if you already knew who killed him it was still a movie that kept you on the edge of your seat. Starring Genny, Ramsey, Nkiru Sylvanus, JT Tom West, and some other cool cats

Glamour Girls- I will forever still love this movie cuz most of the women in it were soo beautiful esp Eucharia, she was gorgeous. I guess being in front of the camera is an advantage. If someone were to call you ugly you can always retort "I used to be beautiful" and they would say "no you were never pretty" and you could say "here, watch this movie, that's when I used to beautiful, so there

Loverboy in Ghana - Ramsey Nouah, Ngozi Ezeonu, Suzy Williams (that Ghanian girl from Supermodel) this was good. This movie made me like Ramsey even more. Alot of the movies nowadays have him looking a lil bit on the older side but this film made him look a young playboy. He was sexy in this.


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When The Going Gets Tough, it's the same story we've seen over and over again, but it was the way this story was told and i mean, it was well told and everyone fit into their character but am really getting tired of the damn, **** and all american stuff in all our movies this days.


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My Hero: The Only One

Don't really know the actors except Amechi muowhateva...
This movie is so captivating that it got me glued to the screen from start to fin...y'all should see it. I have watched it more than two times...nice story telling and it doesn't really have much flaws.

Ok I'll give ya a likkle synospsis without ruining the show:

Orphan dude sacrifices his mearger earnings to sponsor his only sister's college education. In a twist of fate he meets the daughter of a wealthy business tycoon (Amechi Muowhajdyacallhim). A romantic entanglement ensues between the rich gal and the poor orphan okada dude to the chargrin of the father who had reserved her dota for some dude 'abroad'. :eyes

The rich man's disapproval becomes physical...slaps fly, balls are kicked, jaw is shattered and buttock seriously whupped all on the body of the poor orphan okada dude.

Okada dude's ssister graduates from college and gets a job with the same wealthy chief (who is unaware of her connection with the poor okada dude to whom he administered disturbing a*s whupping). Chief sees the angel in okada dude's sister and hooks her up with his son. Okada dude finds out and all hell lets lose.

That shocking revelation leads to murder, intrigue, a-s-s whupping , another a*s whupping and more a-s-s whupping.


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Torn Apart


If you have not seen this movie yet, you should. I think Eucharia gives us one of her best performances in this and the new girl... Ireti Osayemi did an awesome job!! You could tell from the poduction that the producers and director put in some good time and detail towards the outcome of the movie, i'd give it a 5! Other actors: Tony Umez, Pateince Ozokwor
..really really good HV!!!


I have had Torn Apart since April but have not watched it. This will prompt me to watch it in the next few days.


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Starring Bob Manuel Udokwu, Patience Ozokwor, Franca Brown, and many others. It's a must watch for all the women who will also become mother-in-laws one day.


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Church Business-Genny, Rams and Arinze(Not so popular but I thot it was good)

Dangerous Twins(A bit far-fetched but I'm a ramsey lover)

Rising Sun

Out of Bounds

Games Women Play(A bit infantile but i loved it)

Flesh and Blood(What the hell happened to Ameze Imiriaghe-spell?)

Watch this space, I'll be back with more : :spin2: there've been some good ones


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vince said:
Drop the names of naija movies you feel has the CI(collector's Item) status here.Movies that you can swear on as being universally great.
Since we have flop alert thread,we might as well have this one here.
Vince, i cant help but to keep staring at your avatar. Is that who I think it is? Tell me it aint soooo...

That cant be Dramendra , the Indian actor??? Can you say...FLASHBACK!!
I just watched 'Games women play' and though I thought it dragged on unnecessarily and could have been squeezed into 2hrs or less, it still was entertaining to watch. Of the 3 lead female roles, I thought that Stella did a better job than Genny and Omo. Desmond did OK, but Zach Orji acted much better and stronger as far as male roles went.


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kaymax said:
I've seen 'web 2', believe me, you're better off not having ever known part 2 existed. Great movie, but the part 2 just messed the whole thing up.
Oh, i never realised there was a part 2. i've ben searching since 2000.


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That is the one and only DHARMENDRA,Ladi!Yes,i can say....FLASHBACK!Time to reminisce! :) :fing02:
Ladi said:
Vince, i cant help but to keep staring at your avatar. Is that who I think it is? Tell me it aint soooo...

That cant be Dramendra , the Indian actor??? Can you say...FLASHBACK!!


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