Hotel Majestic (nigerian Series)


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I didn't really get into it until like the 3rd or fourth episode though. And as much as I love some of the actors, the three Emeni siblings can't act.

my favorites are; Marvelous (that woman, Kehinde Fasuyi is a veteran who has been acting like forever. she is great), Ese is a delight to watch, always cheeky and naive, Jeffiong is nuts, almost didn't notice him but when I did, boy! Alero (Ivie Okujaiye) is talented no doubt but her acting always seems one note to me. I appreciate the subtlety she displays as opposed to what is obtainable in Nollywood where actors prefer the 'showy' route. Ann Njemanze, Gloria Young and Oge Okoye are just superb. Love Oge in this, never been a fan but she did a solid work here with her Patricia character.

I could go on. I wish multi-choice would just kill Tinsel and use the budget to make this better as it deserves.