How the Angel Got On The Tree...

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One Christmas, Santa was having a really bad day. The local elves union was up in arms over their contract and were threatening a walk-out. Mrs. Claus was angry that Santa was never around to appreciate all of the hard work she had been doing around the house. And top it all off, she had him and a diet that never suited Santa to begin with. So through all of this, Santa decided he needed to go home, sit in front of a fire and relax.

When he got there, Miss Claus was still angry and wouldn't let down. As Santa tried to calm her down, there was a knock on the door. It was Rudolph. He, also, was quite upset and said the reindeer were sick and tired of Santa's failing to upgrade to a newer lightweight sleigh and thatthey were joining the elves walkout. Santa slammed the door and threatened, "The next person who knocks on that door is gonna get it!"

Two seconds later, there was a knock on the door. Santa flung the door open and there stood a tiny little angel. The angel had been searching for the perfect Christmas tree for Santa's house all day long, until it found the perfect one. The little angel asked, "Santa, I was wondering where you would like me to stick this tree?"

And that is the story of how the angel atop the tree tradition began.

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