How to become a Naija Runs Girl

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Naijarish Baby is a rising video blogger. Her collection of videos range from makeup tutorials to hilarious uploads like this one.
Honestly, when we saw the title of this video, we were rolling our eyes but after we watched it, it was pretty spot on and funny!

She takes you through various steps on “How to Transform into a Naija Runs Girl”

1.) Makeup Sturves
2.) Hair Sturves
3.) Designer Clothes
4.) Re-Brand Yourself
5.) Relocation
6.) Change Your Standards
7.) Spread Yourself Around
8.) Self Promotion
9.) Let Go of ALL your Morals

Seriously, you need to watch it!

On a sad note, you know some people are going to take this seriously, download it, study it and implement the steps!

Must Watch Video! How to Transform into a Naija Runs Girl | Bella Naija

:laugh: The hair one had me in stitches. I find it absolutely ludicrous the lengths many women will go to to acquire other people's hair and attach to their own head. Argentinian hair ko, Bolivian hair ni :roll


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this chick is maad funny!
But....errrmmm.... those her eye brows that are two different shapes, na by design? Ati mistake ni?
Also, she had me rolling on the incessant posing for blackberry DPs and profile pics "hash tag my baby caught me sleeping" :roll

I just can't with some of this modern day ish....make dem carry go jor!


..still The Drama Queen!
Very good question. I've been seeing that thing siiiiiince, come dey scratch head!
lol. me too.

na the pronunciation I dey search Online now. You know now what we (non yorubas) call 'Kpele' is spelt 'pele'.... lobatan. Hmmmm....abeg, who get audio file of it. I am aspiring to be WAZOBIA


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Eye lashes like broom so u can sweep the men of their feet. LOOOOOOOOOOOOL
Duck lips..... chai this babe is 3much
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