How to get your Naija Man. I dey learn

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Shey na today yansh dey back..... The way to a Nigerian man's heart is not btw your legs but with his belle hehehehehehe..... Oh for real??? Didn't know that:sign0085::grin

Kudos to this akata, she knows her sturvs right... I love when these non Nigerians are willing to learn to keep a Nigerian man..... Naija men don't like already made Nigerians like themselves lol.


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interesting....but I think this would taste waaaay OFF the real thing.
Like the onions are TOO MUCH!

The greens are much too! Why not just the bitterleaf ONLY?
The Okra is much!....

And there is something about Ogbono soup WITHOUT DRY FISH!!! Oh well, she said it is HER WAY!

And I give her A+ for even trying!! Good one.

Shame on Nigerian women that na Akata go give cooking lesson on youtube! smh..... lol

15 whole minutes to cook greens?????? Hmmmmmm!!!.....

She has small sized pots....and that definitely would make her cooking time longer.....

I wonder though, how many servings is this pot of soup?

Sister girl NEEDS to travel to naija to get a 'real practical' cooking experience from the source :D


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Nice! Very yummyliscious!! 5.30am and you don make hungry catch me.

The woman try well-well as na book she read come do trial and error.
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