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Although she has had challenging moments in her life, especially the nightmare of crashed marriages coupled with incessant negative stories about her, Bukky Wright, as she is popularly called by her fans, is in a happy mood again.

This light- skinned actress who got her major breakthrough with Wale Adenuga’s Super Story a few years back, tells Showtime Celebrity that she has found happiness at last. Refusing to talk about her marriage to a US based big boy, Adewale Onitiri, which reportedly took place last June, Bukky muted , “ I’m a very happy person now.” She speaks.

After 17 years on the screen, how would you describe your journey?

First and foremost, I give God the glory. My journey is characterised by the good, the bad and the ugly. In every profession you belong, it is not always a bed of roses. You have to pay your dues and strive to come to a level where you can say your price.

Have you come to that level now?

I thank God, I believe I have come to a level where I can dictate what I should be paid in the industry. Before now, there was no room for one to negotiate for a fee. But now, I can conveniently negotiate with the producers.

Then, it was as if the producers were doing one a favour. It came to a point where they had to determine how much an artiste would be paid, and not what an artiste wanted for a fee. But today, I have come to that level where I now determine what I would be paid. If it’s okay by a producer, we strike a deal. If not, I take my leave.

What changed about you and your acting career?

Honestly, I don’t regret any role I have played in movies so far. But we try to improve on whatever we are doing everyday. That’s what I can say in this regard.

What about the roles that challenged you most in movies?

I think every role I played in movies has really been challenging. Because I tried as much as I could to put in my best in each of the roles. However, I thought when I was shooting “Omotara Johnson”, it was quite challenging. But when I finished writing the script of “Okan Soso”, I realised that it was more challenging than “Omotara Johnson.” Surprisingly, both of them were action packed movies.

There is this lingering disparity between Yoruba actors and their English genre counterparts. Why?

There is this belief among the English movie producers that most Yoruba actors can’t speak English fluently. Unfortunately to them, when they invite some of us to star in their movies, they are shocked to learn that we speak good English too.

Do you regret whatever decisions you have taken in life?

I don’t have any regrets at all. When I was coming into Nollywood, I had at the back of my mind that like every other industry, it was not going to be a bed of roses. I only needed to remain focused and mindful of what I do in the industry. I joined Nollywood with the vision that the sky would be my beginning.

And you have paid your dues as a star!

A lot of it; your privacy and all that… . When one gets to a level in this industry, you no longer own yourself. You are now a celebrity and you are accountable to your fans. At that point, there is nothing you can do to stay away from the public eye. I always say that without my fans, there will be no me.

You once listed why some marriages crash: lack of trust, lack of love and inability of husbands to support their wives’ careers. Were you speaking from experience?

It’s not only in the movie industry but, also it’s obtainable in other professions. If your partner does not support you in whatever you are doing, you are bound to have a problem, especially if you are the kind of person that cherishes what you are doing for a living.

If there is love and understanding, the sky will be one’s beginning. The first thing you would want to beg God for is for Him to give you an understanding partner.

You believe in love; have you enjoyed love as a woman?

I don’t live a life of regrets. I don’t like to cry over spilt milk either. What I will say is that I give God the glory for everything that has happened in my life.

What’s the secret of your beauty?

There is no secret about my beauty. But one thing I know is that I try as much as possible not to put anything that is hard on my skin. I also watch what I eat in addition to a lot of exercises. Above all, I try to make myself happy no matter the situation.

There is this rumour that you recently got married to a US based business mogul, Adewale Onitiri. Why secret wedding?

Why do you think that I would want to get married in the open?

Because you are a celebrity and moreover, your fans will love to see your wedding pictures celebrated in the newspapers.

Well, I just give God the glory(laughs…). I’m happy as a person. That’s what I can say for now.

And you are a single mother?

It has not been easy, but I give God the glory.

We are aware that a lot of scandals have trailed your acting career. In all of these scandals, does it make you feel bad or stronger as a person?

That’s part of the price one has to pay for being a star. People like you have been able to make me relevant in the industry. That’s why they write what they want to write about. In everything,to God be the glory.

But is it certain that most of the negative stories were the figment of the press guys’ imagination?

I have decided overtime to ignore the scandals and continue to forge ahead in my acting career. I refuse to mind any kind of opposition because in any industry you belong, the best option for you to excel is to learn to ignore any opposition. The moment you begin to give attention to opposition, then you just have to forget about your winning the race in that industry.

If given the opportunity, what would you want to change about your lifestyle?

I wouldn’t change anything because I thank God for what He has done in my life. I’m not God, and moreover, I’m happy the way the Lord has created me.

What would you say prepared you for what you are doing today?

Honestly, when I was growing up, I never thought I would become an actress. Nonetheless, I’m happy doing what I’m doing today.

How did it happen?

It all started through a friend of mine, Shan George. She introduced me to a guy called Sonny Okey who later introduced me to Fidelis Duker. Duker gave me my first chance on the set of Images. That’s why I remain grateful to Fidelis Duker for this kind gesture.

Also Oga Bello believed in me and equally gave me the opportunity to realise my dream of going into acting. When I started, it was not always very easy for one to secure roles in movies.

We used to go for auditions and had to wait endlessly for the list to be released. The first time, I visited Fidelis Duker in his office, he asked where I had been all these years.

With the opening of your clothing line, how do you combine your acting career with business?

I love to do business as well as acting. If you really look at it very well, fashion and acting go together.

Are you currently working on any project?

Yes, I have a charity project on education and also, I’m working on a project on children living with HIV/AIDS.

For sometime now, you’ve been off the screen.

You don’t have to appear in all the movies that come your way. Sometimes, one should be able to choose from such scripts that will make positive impact on the society and not necessarily accept any script that comes.

How would describe your journey in and out of marriages?

Well, I give God the glory. It’s not my making. God has a reason for everything that happened in my life. But right now, I’m a very happy person.

Are you comfortable with the way and manner celebrity marriages are crashing in Nigeria?

Marriages of people in other professions are crashing too; lawyers, doctors and bankers are experiencing a similar thing. And nobody is talking about it. Why ours is different because we are celebrities and whatever we do must come to the public notice.



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Wish you all the best in this one and hopefully you stay happy as you've mentioned. We hope is the last and no number 5, 6, 7, 8 and so on............
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