I don't want to rely on my father's fame -Gabriel Afolayan

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By Lanre Fehintola

Gabriel Opeyemi Afolayan is not a new face in the movie industry. He is one of the sons of the late Nigerian film-maker, Samuel Afolayan, a.k.a Ade Love. Those who have watched Madam Dearest, a film produced by Tade Ogidan, would have noticed him. He was that character that answered different names in some scenes. He was Dosu in Nigeria, Koffi in Ghana and Dosu in the Republic of Benin. He has also featured in the Super Story series, Because You Love Me; Irapada, a film written by his brother, Kunle; and Korede Ke, among others.

Gabriel, a graduate of Theatre Arts from the University of Ibadan, told Appetizer that his decision to go into acting had nothing to do with the fact that his brothers (Kunle and Aremu) and sister (Moji) were into acting. He said it was occasioned by the passion and love he has for the industry.

He said, "I did not go into acting just because my brother and sister are in the industry. I feel there is something I can also contribute to the industry. The love and passion I have for the film industry drove me into it and it is a passion developed from watching a lot of movies".

Asked why he had to devote four years to studying Theatre Arts in the university when he could have leveraged his father's influence to do whatever he wanted in the industry, he said, "Going for the course meant a lot to me. It means I don't want to be a mediocre or a hypocrite in the business. I don't want to rely on my father's glory. I want to know what it takes to be an actor. I want to know what my father went through; academically, by studying this same course."

He added that he would not take a job from anyone in the name of his father.

"I don't advise people to give me job based on my father's résumé," he saidd.

Studying Theatre Arts at the University of Ibadan was not an experience Gabriel found easy. He said in spite of his talent as an actor, he had to subject himself to training both in the theoretical and practical aspects of Theatre Arts.

"I am glad to say that I have a beautiful plan for the industry. I am actually trying to get to the point of setting a standard for the industry and in letting people know that we can do much better than we have been doing," he added.

Like most actors, Gabriel has attracted the attention of the public, but he said it could be embarrassing.

"Sometimes you feel embarrassed at the way people greet you. At times, people stop me and say, 'Let me look at you very well,' instead of just saying hello. I had an experience while travelling not long ago. I was seated very close to the driver. In the car was a lady who saw me and instead of her to say excuse me, she said I should turn my face towards her so that she could look at me, just to make sure that I was the person she had seen."

But the young actor said he had come to realise that public figures lose their privacy

"Sometimes, it saddens me that you cannot do what every other human being can do, because you are a public figure. At times you cannot even buy things by the wayside, because people would recognise you and shout your name. But like I said, it is for the fun of it. If you are a public figure, it means you are a scapegoat. So, we should not misbehave. If the society continues to see us as public figures, what we need to do is to continue to do our jobs and be good."

Besides acting, Gabriel loves soul music and even plans to release an album very soon.

Asked about his female admirers, he said he already had a lady in his life.

"There is a woman in my life. We will tie the knot when our courtship matures," he said.


Hmmm....is it me or does he look different now since the last time we saw him on Madam Dearest?

He looks sweet in a way, like in a gay way. Pls no offence to him or anyone. It's just a mere observation abeg o.:fing04:


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