I Found princess charming on NR

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mamarita said:
On a normal day I'd give you a worthy reply but today I'll say. bless you!
:laugh: all of una just dey make me laf, haba. I remember when somebody go curse u, na so so bless u, u go tell am, when in fact, u wan knock am for head, lol.


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make una dig grafik comot for im hiddin place before osama come catch am...

Grafikdom, WHERE ARE U?

now ma voice don go....*cough*


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Hmmm...Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! You guys don't get it. The whole aim of this thread is to tell you the partial truth and then shut the **** up. If I don't see people baptizing me with unprintable words, it means I am successful otherwise I have failed in my nerve rattling mission...WOEFULLY! fdev:
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