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Nah Wah for Naija Scientists


Once at a conference, three scientists: an American, a German and a
Nigerian, were talking and bragging about the technological
advances their respective countries have achieved in the field of medicine.

Says the American, "In Washington, there was a baby boy born
without forearms, so we attached artificial forearms on him. And now that
he is grown, he has become an Olympic boxer and a gold medalist at that!"

The German replied, "That's nothing to what we have done back in
Berlin, there was a baby girl born without legs, we attached artificial
legs on her, she is 3 times marathon gold medalist in the Olympics!!"

The Nigerian interjected laughingly, "Is that all you have done,
just gold medalist? In Abeokuta, we had a baby boy born without a head!
We attached a coconut to his neck and he is now the president!!!
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