I will never beat my wife - Femi Branch

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Femi, who got married earlier in the year, spoke with our correspondent against the backdrop of speculations that his young and happy marriage is already deep in crisis, and his wife corroborated his assertions.

"My marriage is intact, my wife and I are happy together. In fact, we have not even finished our honeymoon yet," he started.

He continued: " She is right here beside me as you can see. We are having a swell time together."

At that juncture, Femi’s pretty wife, former Miss Ibitola Owasanoye, took over, debunking claims that their marriage was going through any untoward happenings.

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Very commendable actor. I first saw him in "Away From Home" where he acted opposite Mike Ezenrouye, Kate Henshaw and Ayo Mogaji.

Watching him now in "OFIN MOSE" a yoruba movie, where he's playing a middle class custom officer that refuses to take bribe and he leaves in a house that his in-law built for him.


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i guess the rumour stemmed from the fact that mr branch was under going financial crisis.am happy hes not a woman beater like actor jerry amilo
Well, you ain't supposed to beat your wife :) . Bottom line: NO MAN SHOULD BE COMMENDED for 'NOT BEATING' his wife...
who dey commend dem? hw can? me no likes...beating up wifey is wrong and cowardly! and should not be an accepted thing!

seen him on stage dude is cool and very talented!
This thread reminds me of my neighbour in Anfirca who used to beat his wife severely. When ever people try to intervene, he'll say "is she not my wife? Did I not pay her brideprice"?sweat:
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