Ibinabo Sworn In As First AGN Female President

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History was made yesterday as ex-beauty queen, Fiberesima Ibinabo was sworn in as the first female president of Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN). The swearing in ceremony was conducted yesterday at the guild's secretariat in Lagos.

This was after Ibinabo was elected by eligible voters at the keenly contested presidential election held on Thursday, September 27, 2012 which had herself, Emeka Rollas and Steve Eboh as contestants.

After she was announced winner of the election on Friday by Rachael Oniga, who served as the secretary of AGNEC, she was sworn in as the 7th and first 1st Female President of the guild. It was after her announcement as the winner of the election by Rachael that Ayo Emmanuel, who is AGNEC chairman, announced Emeka Rollas as the winner of the election.

The event was attended by Segun Arinze, Steve Eboh, Ejike Asiegbu, Charles Inojie and others.

"The election is now over, all I am now after is to unite everyone in the guild and bring the A-list stars back into the guild."



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Sorry, who won the election? Ibinabo or Emeka Rollas? And who is Emeka Rollas? :D If it's who I'm thinking, That's a funny one :roll
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