Igbo language film conference for December

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It's very common for people to call someone a mad man or mad woman when that person is expressing concepts that are far beyond their understanding. So I shall take that as a compliment. Thank you!
Your above statement makes me :laugh: and sorry for you at the same time. What is ur mailing address make I print am, sign am and mail it you to frame and put on your wall. Mr. expressing concepts that are far beyond their understanding, onyeara na ama ghi ebe oza.


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Mad as in ANGRY. I no say you just dey joke now. Abeg, stop the two-fighting.
Sola, no! That was not what he intended. read that post again; why did TS write my name without capital letter "R" although he wrote Sidney with a capital "S"? It is intentional and he is always judgemental thinking he knows who is mad! Who told him I was mad? Insanity or anger wise? Did he insert his finger inside his axx and smells over his nose to know?


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Nah... Sidney and I once had a pretty big confrontation, and I later thought about it and decided that while I did and do generally believe and stand by the point I was trying to make, I went about it in a pretty jerky way. I can admit when I'm wrong... no big thing.

But in this case, my conscience is completely clear. You and rudeboy came out of the gate insulting and ridiculing me, but I opted to ignore it and not descend to that level.

And now you guys are mad. Too bad!
bia, no dey quote me on this thread again. i am already pissed off.


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Okay, e don do all of una now, ha! I go shut dis kabuki down for 24hrs o! When thinkers fight, its supposed to be with ideas, no less. Ideas don dey fully exhausted for this thread and there's nothing more to add, it seems. All fair. Make una go chop lunch on me. I go PM una some kudi.


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Story! Just being your usual defensive axx! Why then did you write Sidney with a capital "S" and wrote rudeboy (like this with a small letter "R")?
LOL That's how mad you are now, that you've pulled out the Sherlock Holmes magnifying glass to deconstruct my posts for subtextual clues?

You are probably going to dream about me tonight too, bro... I've seen it already.
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