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igbo movies

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Whats wrong with the igbo movies in nigeria after living in bondage, rattle snake, evil passion ,obiora taboo. osuofiasin, ikuku we have not seen any other one again whats happeneing


Where can i buy the VCD of living in bondage and Evil passion. I am desperately looking for it.
i think it is the problem of socialization that is affecting the Igbos. is not really as if there are no more Igbo scripts but the people are so much into Western life.

Go to pound road Aba you can get the CDs


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Its the same people who started doing Igbo movies that now do films in nollywood...they probably saw it more commercially rewarding to do english movies than igbo movies...some have tried since the inception of nollywood, maybe it didnt really yield returns...i have seen adverts of some like "Odeshi, Ikuku and so on....and most recently 'captain" with Nkem Owoh.


Just finished watching IKUKU actually and it really is a brilliant script (written by Nkem Owoh). I really think that Igbo language films should be resurrected or is it resucitated? A good story, good casting/acting will sell, anytime anyday in whatever language. Case in point, MADAM DEAREST
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