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Ini Edo's Traditional wedding pictures

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she looks good congrats finally pesin fit chop without hearing sey ini dey find dress make una let her enjoy no more hating


Congrats girl!

make people rest now and leave the girl to enjoy her life O jare!

That the man was not good with Ruth does not mean he wont be good with Ini. Ini could be his missing rib while Ruth was not!!

People and Press should give this hard-working chick a chance at happiness abeg! She deserves it!


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Some more pictures of the trad.

Desmond looks..................hbeat: lemme shut up before my oga throws my kaya out of the house. lolll

Not to mention, Rita's outfit is a killer. I just looooove it. Estella, Ngwa we need to talk ooooo...name ya price.:bouncy


Not open for further replies.