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starring Desmond Elliot, Oge Okoye, Pete Edochie


Roderick played by Desmond Elliot has a girlfriend Melissa played by Tonto Dikeh that he has been engaged to for over three years but he shows no interest at all in marrying. Roderick’s family are badgering him to take her as a wife but he does not know if he ever even wants to get married. Melissa is desperate to be married to him even employing his father to help her persuade him to marry her. In their desperation they hire Lydia, a psychoanalyst played by Oge Okoye to try and get to the bottom of why their son is so emotionally cold. Is there some psychological trauma from his past that he is hiding and has not overcome? Will he ever get married?

I had no fault with the acting of any of the main characters. Desmond conveyed the emotions expected of him as a troubled man well. There was aparticularly touching scene between Desmond Elliot and Pete Edochie towards the end of the movie. Oge Okoye did good but her character was weak in terms of the way it was written and developed. She wasn’t a convincing psychologist, but I’d put the fault with the one that wrote the character as opposed to her. Pete Edochie. Did what he does best. Uche Ebere was good but appeared more aged than usual, not that that’s a bad thing because it fit her role in the movie. Tonto was fire. She took her time saying her lines and didn’t trip over her words as she has been prone to do lately. It’s a shame that this movie is old. Will we ever get the old tonto back? The bald chick Ada Oronu has a very strong look but needs to be banned from ever speaking in a movie again. Her acting was atrocious. Wonders shall never end why someone didn’t yell cut when she gave that wooden speech dumping Basorge her boyfriend. She is a very striking girl. She should stick to modelling. She is also the producer of the movie. This is an example of where the producer should stay behind the camera.

The movie is definitely watchable, but in saying that I would not recommend it. Oge and Desmond did their thing and had good chemistry but I found the storyline rather absurd and the believability factor to be close to zero. Even if the story is not believable it should be executed in a fashion to MAKE us the viewers believe that which appears to be beyond reality. This movie did not do that for me. I see Emma Ikenna Aniekwe was responsible for the script, what I will say is that he has definitely come a long way since this movie.
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