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Is abortion wrong?


Staff member
It is such a divisively hot debate. Should it be legal and available to all, or be punishable?


the religious/christian members of congress certainly think they should reach into my uterus and take up residence there.
I think they should let the woman and her God worry about her soul burning in eternal fire. there are circumstances that require a woman get an abortion.


Well-Known Member
Is it wrong? I don't think it is. But it definitely is wrong when schools can take their pupils for an abortion without informing the parents.


Wonder woman
Wow!! i didnt know that VB. What is the world coming to? you cant take that decision out of the hands of her parents!! who by the bush do they think they are. This has got me so riled.


Well-Known Member
Having a heated conversation about this on facebook right now. SMH. Stay out of my uterus is all I can say. Stupid Texas


i'm not sure what happened to freedom of choice. oh..i forgot, women are third class citizens and do not deserve any such thing. and here we were, daring to think we are human. we're merely vessels for men to relieve themselves and carry their seeds.
and i don't agree with taking a child under 16 for abortions without their parents knowledge.