Is Nollywood losing Tunde Kelani (TK)?

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grafikdon said:
GOD PLEASE FORGIVE ME BUT... I THINK BLACK PEOPLE HAVE A SPECIAL CASE OF MENTAL DISORDER. Look around the world and show me one SINGLE stable black nation...NONE! I think only Ghana and Trinidad are just about the only ones that could hold their own when it comes to statbility..please someone prove me wrong.

The moment we look at people and see people instead of tribes, only then shall we begin to grow up as a nation. I believe our main concern should be quality and not tribe...but hey, that's the good ol' twisted Naija for you where NOTHING WORKS.

It is really a shame that people always heap the blame on white men when actually we are the architects of our doom. After watching Hotel Rwanda, I had to cover my head in shame when I heard someone blame the west. The west? For [insert the abominable expletive] what? I am still trying to recover from the effect of the embarrassment that struck me that day...too back the ground refused to yield to my request..."Open up and lemme in!".

The best way to iron this thing out is not by running away from the problem, rather it is by setting up a 'multi tribal' distribution network. By this I mean some youruba and igbo people( who actually have a passion for film making, not just some buy-and-sell-pocket-profit-*****-quality kinda guys) floating a well organized distribution outfit. I guess that will take awhile but it will surely pull a couple of bones outta the gatecrashers.

I gotta tell ya, I have a friend who's uncle happens to be a well known marketer...could you believe this bast*** calls the stars 'Those boys that work for me'. What an arrogant piece of smelly oozy turd! How can we get anywhere with such sickening display of arrogance?... I have finally realized why God did not give me those kinda powers that I thought I had... unlike God, I wouldn't give much second chance 'cause some peole just think with their groin, and no matter what you do, they will remain adamant and swim in the pool of their arrogance and spiritual indolence.

Only some kinda divine intervention can save us 'cause it seems like no matter what we do, there will always be the much dreaded tribal sentiments...

If ya get me pissed, I will just go on anger strike and Marry me a Trini gal...all ye Naija and ya tribalgate... I taya o.
I feel you Graf, black people in general do have a special case of mental disorder but Naija possess the worst dose of it.
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