Is Nollywood still exciting in Nigeria?

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I haven't been home since 2011, so I'm a tad jaded. Is there still excitement in the industry out there, you folks in Naija? Are people still lining up to get bit parts? Gists seem hard to come by now...


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That's not a useful response. You travel to Naija all the time, if you're not there right now. Do you know the answer?
LOL...Uncle Sola, I live in my own quiet world o. :-)I don't know whats up with Nollywood, trust me! :confused: Ask me about the gospel music industry in Nigeria, and i'll give you plenty gists...hehe!:p:yellow:


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From the little I've heard people are still really excited about it - everyone wants to be a celebrity (by force). I know there are tons of auditions always going on; the sad thing is a number of 'so-called' producers now charge people to attend auditions - have heard that one a few times.

There definitely will be a long line of people queueing for an audition.
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