Is the new James Bond Ugly?

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As the new Bond, Daniel Craig had at least four things going against him
1. New Bond
2. Blond Bond
3. Ugly Bond
4. Bond without gadgets

I really wanted Pierce Brosna to shoot Casino Royal and was really mad at the choice of Daniel Craig. I just couldn’t see how this dude would pull it off and what type of story it would be without the usual Bond's gadgets... Well I saw the Movie with my sister on Saturday the 18th (My birthday) She is actually Daniel Craig's biggest critic and had already planned not to see the movie, but went because of me. What can I say?... the guy blew us away (At two and half hour we still couldnt get enough of the movie)

This is the best Bond movie ever made period! Daniel Craig is awesome! The storyline/dialogue is superior and more realistic than previous Bond movies and it is also very funny. The thing about Daniel Craig is, he is not the smooth stylish Bond... He is rather the Area-Boy type Bond who would rather put on a khaki and shirt than the beautiful tailor made suit.... Just seeing him for what he is, Area-boy would make you enjoy the movie more... He was fussing over his tailor made suit and sometimes takes the tie off to look like an Area-boy lol I say Dude fell in love so deep that he quits his job as 007 (Don’t worry this has nothing on the story) but it would make you laugh so much Chai! The power of women sha! But make no mistake, the guy is like a Machine...we were calling him "Machine" throughout the movie. All in all I give this movie a 10 and Daniel Craig a 10.... Thank God the movie wasn’t a disaster, am going to see it again in a week or two..

To all fans of James Bond, you don’t have to worry or fear because you will enjoy this movie very much...and to the rest who are not into the gadgets and all that, this is a very good movie to see. By the way the guy's physique is awesome... As much as I love Piece Brosna I am sorry to say Daniel Craig killed that role better than any other before him (I heard this is the closest thing to Ian Fleming's Bond) With his physique and stunts He makes the others look like Aje-butter Bond :)

exactly the same thing i said when i saw it i looooooooooooooved it he was so real


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LOVED LOVED this new bond! I actually didn't feel Pierce did justice to the role-too pretty aje buttery for me. But this guy Craig? Whaaaaat! he totally killed the role. After Sean Connery, he's the best Bond AS far am concerned. The storyline was also very good and intelligent. As for looks:
He's FINE in a manly way. If u think Sam Dede is attractive, you'd find this guy hot too. Sorry, I'm anti-pretty boys. For instance, i love Brad pitt now that he's with Jolie and has developed wrinkles and character on his face than when he was pretty boy with Aniston. This Craig guy actually seems intelligent and surprise! surprise! he can actually ACT! will see the movie again next week.
Looking forward to Will Smith's 'In pursuit of happyness' and Beyonce's 'Dreamgirls'


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Okay, I know I said that he was busted and all, but I RETRACT what I said. I saw "Casino Royale" on Friday and I LOVED IT!!!! He did an EXCELLENT JOB. I don't think the camera does him justice, although I was captivated by his bright blue eyes the entire movie not to forget his body was not bad at all (sigh...). I really think he was awesome and I can't wait for the next installment...
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