Ishola Durojaiye aka Alasari is gone!

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It is Another sad day for nollywood as popular Producer cum Actor Ahmed Alasari died this morning following injuries sustained in a fatal car Accident.

Investigations reveal that Alasari left home in the company of four of his Aides to participate in a live program to promote his new movie Omo night club which he co produced with Gemini films and marketing.

We Gathered the accident occured in his pathfinder which he brought in dec 29 last year and Actress Dayo Amusa who was on her way to Abeokuta to work actually rushed him to FMC Abeokuta where he eventually gave up the ghost, We will give you more details as it unfolds.


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Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!:cry:cry:cry Just when i started enjoying this man on my tv screen. Why God why??? God pls, let may his soul rest in peace. This is too painful.


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RIP Sir!!

Never heard of him until his death! I actually saw graphic pictures of his dead body on FB yesterday and I wondered why people don't have the common sense or common courtesy (to the dead and his family) to know that not every pic you come across should be posted on FB!
@ Vince: Ishola Durojaiye acted alongside Latin and Odunlade Adekola most times, he was in London to shoot Baba Eleran with Latin and he also acted in Emi ni ire kan by Odunlade.

He always call himself Iroko Oluwere as he acted Babalawo in most films and he produced lots of Yoruba flicks like Lolade Alata, Arewa Oru, Alase Aye and others.


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Nollywood Mourns Alasari

by Adunola Fasuyi

Nollywood is going through another sad period as popular producer cum actor, Ishola Durojaye, better known as Ahmed Alasari, died last Sunday following injuries he sustained in a car accident in company of four of his aides.

Some of his colleagues in the movie industry spoke with Entertainment Extra on Alasari and the loss his death means to Nollywood.

Jide Kosoko – ANTP National President
“Alasari’s death was a big shock to us at ANTP, it’s so sad that words cannot really express the loss and shock I feel. Alasari was a good man, a good actor cum producer and a peace loving man. It’s unfortunate that he died now at a time when his popularity and fame were increasing.

“We will all miss him and I pray that God will be with his family and accept him into His bossom. ANTP gave him a befitting burial and accorded him all the last respect we can give. We held a cultural night in his honour,” Kosoko said.

On what the ANTP plans to give the late Alasari’s family, Kosoko said individual members of ANTP can give the family donation and commitment on their own but ANTP is yet to have a formidable policy on how to take care of dead member’s family.

“Even though we don’t wish death for our members, we are, however, looking into that. I also want to use this medium to implore our members to take good care of their health because health is wealth and it is when you are healthy that you can act or even spend the money you earn from acting and be able to impact positively on the society.

“We also call on the government at different levels to please fix our roads to reduce mortality rate on our highways. May God grant Alasari peaceful rest in His bossom,” Kosoko added.

Rachel Oniga
“The news of Alasari’s death was really shocking to me. It is devastating to the Yoruba movie industry. I feel very sad about it. I pray God to be with the family he left behind and grant him peace in heaven. I also pray that God will shower His protection on us practitioners in the entertainment world and stop all these deaths, accidents and other disasters, amen!”

Segun Arinze – AGN President
“It is sad and very shocking. It is not that I knew him that much but I watched and have seen his works, he was a good actor and he left his footprints in the movie industry. He will always be remembered for his good works.
“We need serious prayers for God’s protection on the lives of operators and practitioners in Nigeria’s entertainment industry generally. I implore our members to eschew hatred and divisions in the industry and rather, let us come together, work together and move Nollywood and indeed Nigeria forward. May his gentle soul rest in peace.”

Toyin Adegbola
“To be very candid, his death was a great loss to the movie industry and a great shock to me. In fact, I have not been myself and I could not attend the burial because I still can’t believe he was gone forever. When I heard, I first thought it was a joke or rumour until I confirmed it.
“It was really devastating for me. Alasari was a good guy, he was a broker of peace, he was a bridge that helped lift actors and actresses from Egba and helped shoot them to limelight.
“He fought a big battle in this industry. You need to know, he was one of the few that made Abeokuta actors and actresses to be known. He was an icon to them all.
“He helped upcoming acts from Egba. He was someone you can run to even if you are not an Egba person. He had good human relations, he would call to find out how you are faring even outside acting. Oh, we will surely miss him. I will miss him a great deal because he was a good brother.”

Femi Adebayo
“It is so sad we lost him. He was a great and prolific actor and a wonderful brother, father and leader. Alasari was a great humanitarian, very nice and friendly. He believed in the youth and he gave so many opportunities for them. To showcase his kindness and goodness when he was alive, you can see that almost every acts in the Yoruba movie industry was present at his burial, we abandoned our projects to give him that last respect.”

Chico Ejiro
“Alasari’s death is a huge loss to Nollywood. Though, I don’t do Yoruba movies as such, but I know him and I’ve seen his works and I know he was a good actor. We will miss him. May God grant the family the fortitude to bear the loss.”

“For me, I will say it’s shocking, untimely and really touching. May we never experience such tragic moment in the industry again. Alasari was a good actor and a friendly guy. May his soul rest in peace.”

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