Iyanya, winner, Project Fame West Africa 2008

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A minute with Iyanya, winner Project Fame West Africa 2008

When the climax of Project Fame West Africa came, there were four winners, but only one stepped into stardom, that one was Inyanya, the contestant from Calabar Nigeria, he was the contestant that topped the polls from you the audience at home and emerged the winner of the star prize, a toyota RAV 4 SUV and 2.5 Million Naira. In the Interview (Courtesy Project Fame West Africa), Iyanya speaks on, well, winning......

PFWA – Morning Iyanya, Congratulations on being the first MTN Project Fame West Africa Winner, how are you feeling?

Iyanya – I’m feeling great, blessed by God, just thanks and love to everyone

PFWA – Did you think you would win?

Iyanya – I believed in God and myself, its destiny

PFWA – So what will you be doing with all that money?

Iyanya – I won’t rush to spend it, I’ll pay my tithes, cooldown a bit and let it sleep.

PFWA – What next for you?

Iyanya – My album, it will be out very soon, I can’t say specifically when, but very soon.

PFWA – How would you describe your academy time?

Iyanya – It was tasking, but worth it. Everything we went through gave me a variety of experiences, and the ups and downs made me a more fulfilled person.

PFWA – During the show there seemed to be a little bit of a romance with you and Dorcas, wetin dey happen with that?

Iyanya – Dorcas is a sweet and wonderful person, the two of us feel something, but we don’t want to start making any moves yet, if it’s meant to be it will be. We understand each other and are the best of friends.

PFWA – Thank you for being honest.

Iyanya – (laugh) it’s the truth!!

PFWA – What are your feelings on your faculty and judges?

Iyanya – The faculty are the best, they call us the fantastic four, well they are the fantastic five. The judges were wonderful, to have Tee Y mix, a talented person who I’ve always dreamt of working with, Bibie, I always told everybody in the Academy that if Bibie tells you something, take it to heart and work on it. And as for Kwame, he’s bold, and always on point, he always helped me.

PFWA – Yes Kwame, said you were the R in Rand B, what does that feel like for you?

Iyanya – It’s a huge responsibility, to be the R in R and B, it means that I must always aim to be that and not disappoint anybody.

PFWA – How has MTN changed your life?

Iyanya – I’m trying to coin a new word for how wonderful MTN is. Just three months ago, I was an ordinary guy but today, I have people loving me, I’m so grateful to them and Ultima and Endemol.

PFWA – As the winner of the first ever MTN Project Fame West Africa, what advice do you have for other trying to make the grade?

Iyanya – Keep God first, you can make it, so believe in yourself, if you get in, work with your faculty, listen to them, and with your fellow contestants, always be yourself, don’t be vindictive.

PFWA – Thank you for your time Iyanya and we wish you the very best in your career

Iyanya – Thank you, I wish you the same.

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