Kate Gives Birth To Royal Baby Boy

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Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton on Monday were blessed with a baby boy, making it the first time in the last 120 years that three heirs are in waiting to ascend the British throne...

So VB and other Londoners, are we to stop by your crib for ogogoro tonight? How many people are in line for the crown now sef? Dat Mama no go gree anyone of dem ascend o!

Gen Sani Abacha

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Ordering a guordful of the freshest palmy in order to celebrate the new born heir and prince of the realm!
Don't worry about Ms Windsor(as a Welsh nationalist MP referred to the queen a few years ago), she's keeping the chair warm for Charles, who probably won't last as long on the throne as chief Shonekan did in Aso rock before my namesake booted him out! Charles might warm the seat for a little while, then step-aside for William. Most logical course of action IMHO.
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