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I think this is new, if it is not forgive me!

Kill the Bride, starring:
Mike Eruzuonye
Rita Dominic
Mercy Johnson

The story starts with a guy being jilted on his wedding day and proceeds with switching from present mode into flash back.

Fastforward to later on the same day and another wedding.

We find out that the guy that was jilted is attending another man's wedding where the bride is none other that the woman that jilted him.

Slowly the story behind the whole fiasco unravels when the bride is forced to tell the husband that she does actually marry why she was behaving so strangely when she caught sight of the other man.

I have only watched about 3/4 of the film but so far I like it, stylistically at least it is different to most Nigerian films.

However instead of an 7 I have to give it a 6 because of the awful Mike Ezuruonye. I used to like him but now he just gets on my nerves. Not only was he shouting and twisting up his lip like a petulant child, but he was also doing a very warped and comical version of an American Accent. The American accent was his biggest offence, it was a GREAT distraction.

The producers knowing that he was not going to be able to pull it off should have made him not have the accent. They could have changed the plot to make him have travelled to another African country(why did he have to go to America anyway?) or given him some training. Is it necessary for someone who has lived for a short time in a country as an adult to pick up the accent?

He was trying way too hard and there was not one point that he did not sound TERRIBLE...

Anyway to round off... I would reccommend it. It is interesting but not thrilling.


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My dear Beautiful Soul is not a new movie it was realsed in 2005. My dear you don't need to ask for forgiveness, am like you i always buy new and old movies and i enjoyed watching both of them it does not really matters old movies are even better than new movies.

Like you said the movie was okay and worth watching, the movie is also quite different form other nollywood movies, micheal was trying too hard in the movie, and mercy Johnson crying was very annoying, she is the new cry me a river in nollywood, she cries quite a lot in her movies.

The ending of the movie is another thing it could have been better.


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I finished watching it... Wasn't impressed how they forgot that Ken travelled to America and all of a sudden Mercy was talking about, "all the time you spent in Europe." Jeez remember the basic story!!!


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This guy who is doing the reviews on that site sometimes amazes me!He thinks a trash homvie like Tears Of The Ghetto is worth a rating as high as 4?!!That homvie was one of the worst homvies that i have ever seen in my entire life!It is the same reviewer that gave a good homvie like FOR REAL a very skinny rating of just 2!!
One has to be very careful with that guys reviews and rating and not to overly rely on them.If you want to know what i mean,then go pick the "Tears in the ghetto" homvie,and you will see what i am talking about.
His review on "Kill.." is fairly accurate,though.
What site is tihs?


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YEAH people i just saw this today, it was not bad at all, the people did their thing, i just feel that the main chic's make up could be better as well as her wardrobe. i know this was back in 05, so i hope she has improved, if not i am available to do a make over.


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I am watching Kill the Bride and Mike Ezuruonye's accent is something else. It's switching from American to English and he's acting alongside Mercy Johnson who retained her Naija own. Now it's back to Naija. lol

And it has switched to Southern...the hell is all this?? Take offense if you want, but the changing accent is distracting. And Anyamele is absolutely gorgeous. He is seriously good.


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My Gripes:
"Our bahdies were burning with hot desire for each other." Dude you are saying this to a fellow guy, and this is how you phrase it?? Really, okay na.

It gets hot and heavy, and Mercy's character tells him no and that she is a virgin. He gets upset and does not believe her. So Mercy's character tells him to confirm. How, people, do you confirm that one is a virgin?? Seriously? How? My gosh, he is sounding like Hank Anuku

Someone tells you that they may commit suicide, "I guess I have to leave this wicked world," and you say nothing. Okay o

I was hoping he would not scream, but he did. I was hoping the sound guys would filter out the noise, but no. Oh my, the noise is really interfering with the sound. It's like the sound needs to be retouched so that it is a lot clearer.

Sam Uche Anyamele, Mike Ezuruonye and Mercy Johnson are both really good actors.


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ridiculous ending

At some point, the camera is upside down, so the viewer had to cock their head at an angle.

Sandra: "He looked so moody.." lady, you blew him off on his wedding night and you say he is MOODY?

Okay, can Sandra (Mercy) stop saying you did it for Ken (Mike). She did it so she would not feel bad for making Ken commit for so long. Ken (Mike) seemed only to be concerned with Sandra's virginity. Eddie (Sam) seems to actually love Sandra. So, what they could have done before Eddie drank poison a la Romeo and Juliet, is to decide to divorce one another, if they had done the legal wedding. And Sandra could have saved the crying and bawling for the guy who really needed to see her be repentant: Eddie!

A fuming Mike Ezurounye is hilarious. I am cracking up at his nose-flaring-heavy-breathing-chest-dramatically rising-and-falling exercise.


And they ignored a guy who was groaning in pain for 2 grueling minutes. Seriously, what do you think those pain sounds were for?? Ambiance or you think he was groaning out of pleasure. That has got to be one of the worst endings I have ever seen. The man is dying, the other man is consumed in his speech that he doesn't hear the dying man, and the girl is busy telling her ex not to go while her love is dying in front of her. Seriously?!

But the worst one of all, is this:
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