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Watching it right now and all I can say is that Nse is a proper AREA GIRL :roll :roll :roll
Homegirl is hilarious! I love when she breaks into the pidgin lines so fluently....lololol.
I like Bejamins acting so far...okay larrer


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I posted a review a while back:

Bernard (Desmond Elliot) and Ike (Joseph Benjamin) are friends and partners at BlueQuest a firm that they run together. They have a friendly rivalry when it comes to picking up girls. Ike and Bernard make a bet that if Ike sleeps with Delphine (Mona Lisa Chinda) a gorgeous divorcee that has sworn off men he will get 5 percent of Bernards’s company shares and if not he will give up 5 percent of his own shares which means that the person who wins will have a controlling share of the company. Ike enlists the help of employee Mimi (Uche Jombo) to search all the major networking sites to find Delphine so that he can conquer her and win the bet. Things are made even more difficult when Bernard throws a spanner in the works by telling Delphines’s friend Tena (Nse Ikpi Etim) that Ike is planning to bed her and that she should beware. Ike has ten days to accomplish the mission, who will win?

I loved the interaction between Mona Lisa and Joseph Benjamin in one of the first bar scenes. The dialogue was quick witty funny and some brilliant social observations were made about the different expectations men and women have when entering a bar. Joseph Benjamin is definitely one to watch out for and I have thought that ever since I saw him in Jungle Ride. His performance was smooth and very believable.
Nse’s character Tena was hilarious as Delphine’s meddling and over concerned friend. She definitely was the stand out performance for me. Her pidgin English was flawless and she happened to have the best lines in the movie. The whole cinema roared with laughter every time she graced the screen.

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