Leila Djansi’s ‘and Then There Was You’

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Award winning film maker-Leila Djansi has been busy working on her new movie which she has repeatedly spoken about on social media. I call it an Afro-American fusion, because it features a nice medley of American and African talent.
Even though she didn’t shoot the movie in Ghana for personal/business reasons, she still did not fail to point out talent of Nollywood’s Jim Iyke who also features in it.
Watch the released trailer of ‘And then There was You’ below, Leon Robinson, Garcelle Beauvais, Lynn Whitfield, Brian White, Trilby Glover and others…
And give us your ‘on the face of it’ verdict.
In @And then There was You’,Natalie resorts to picking up the pieces of her life after her husband leaves her for the family he has outside. She falls in love with Darrell, but he has secrets of his own…love will find you…

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