London Successor

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In this movie Ikem is a lawyer in London who has recently been promoted to senior partner. Not only is his career rapidly rising but he also has a great relationship with his fiancée Chelsea. In one day his life is shaken up when he receives a phone call from his father an Igwe in Nigeria demanding that he return home urgently. On arrival he finds out that his brother Prince Eze has been disowned and banished for marrying and osu which makes him next in line to the throne. Not only does his father want him to take the throne but a bride has also been organised for him. His culture demands that he follow tradition however he wants nothing more than to return to London to his fiancée and his job. He has no interest in claiming the throne but his father refuses to hear of it. What will he do?

I would recommend the movie as it is watchable and had an interesting storyline. On the downside it had a very amateurish feel complete with epilogue that was not meant to be there. Some scenes were too dark, the acting was average and the soundtrack didn’t fit. I did however enjoy the overall storyline involving the battle between culture and assimilation. It was also interesting learning about the osu, although I felt like the viewer could have learnt much more, which would have been especially informative for those who do not even know what an osu is and have never come across the concept. It did give one food for thought but the movie was nothing to get excited about.

Please note: The date on the cover says 2011, however we all know that Dakore Egbuson has not been on the scene since getting married, I have it on good authority that it was made around 2008 and just been recently released.

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You're reviews are always VERY well written, thoughtful, thorough and funny! This made me laugh

"Did the producers just change their mind and not have enough time to erase the epilogue from copies already going out?"

Keep up the great work! :fing02:
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