Lonely Princess

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Starring Kay Samuel, Benita Nzeribe, Jim Lawson, Mike Ezuruonye


Princess Olamma (Kay Samuel) is lonely and makes friends with some commoner girls Adugo and Udochi. Her parents at first encourage the fact that she wants to make new friends, that is until she insists on going out with her friends without her maids in tow. Her parents are concerned that harm may befall her without her maids to protect her. The Prince meets the Princess Olamma and her friends at the stream. He catches Olamma singing and falls for her voice, proposing almost immediately. Her friends are besieged with feelings of jealousy, in particular Adaugo. The question how far will she go to make the Prince drop the princess and notice her?

The princess is an adult yet is in “excruciating pain” over the loneliness she suffers from not having a brother or sister. She sobs to her mother about this. How pathetic! Bitch get some friends. It’s only now as an adult that you realise that you are an only child. Say What? Eh heh! What a stupid ass storyline. Sunny Collins you get zero points for concocting this mess.

Neither Ugo or the princess have voices that sound good. They can barely hold a tune. How believable is it that the Prince would hear all that screeching and start purposely hanging out at the stream just to catch them make noise sing? Now if the Prince were partially deaf this story would make more sense.

The prince falling in love for every woman that he passes just seemed a bit unbelievable. His character was one dimensional. He loves them then he doesn’t he loves them then he loves them again #makeyomindup

Some crazy chick kills your only child out of jealousy and being a follower and you reward her with becoming your “daughter.” Sunny Collins, really? GTFOH


The story was stupid but watchable. I’d recommend it if you are bored or want to see some nice traditional wear. The costuming on Olamma especially was fantasic. She was wearing some really fabulous pieces. This movie will pass the time but it won’t be winning any awards for its brilliance. The standout performance was Benita Nzeribe. I loved her character and the way she played it. She committed to it. One to watch out for was Sochima Ezeoke. I am seeing her in a lot more movies lately, and she is doing a great job, but the movies themselves aren’t all that great. Nevertheless it was aiight
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