Mad Dog

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Martha Ankomah, Artus Frank


Barry nicknamed The Mad Dog has been left a huge amount of wealth from his father. This wealth has brought him nothing but pain and attention from people who seek only to use him for his money. He begins to feel that his life is in danger and so leaves his life behind in pursuit of a new one, making a new start where no one knows him. This life is full of recklessness and whoring and it appears that his anonymity is about to be rescinded when a prostitute he meets starts blackmailing him threatening to reveal his whereabouts to his uncle after picking up his phone when it was left unattended. Barry manages to wrangle out of the sticky situation and ends up killing the prostitute. However his uncle finds tracks him down during a session with a prostitute. Barry finds himself running again. Why is his uncle to desperate to track him down?

Martha Ankoma plays her usual role of vixen/ sex kitten so no surprises there. In the club dancing scene where she dances by herself I had no idea it was her until the close up on her face. I didn’t know she was curvaceous like that. Her butt was huuuuge. Either she has put on loads of weight or that was padding. Update: On further inspection I think it’s the former because her thighs were mas-sive as well, she’s getting kind of Juliet Ibrahimish.

Despite being typecast (how unfortunate) Martha Ankomah is a very powerful actress. She showed vulnerability and emotion so convincingly that it drew you into her pain as the viewer and at the same time when she was being tough she played that too with conviction using her stature and voice to command the screen.

Artus Frank was very believable as the mad dog. He was very convincing as a sex obsessed disrespectful hater of women. The lustful stares… The intense hungry look. His thirst for sex was played out well, enthusiastically but not overdone. My only issue with him is the way he sometimes gobbles his words. He puts so much power into what he is saying but then trips up or stumbles over them at times.

Mr and Mrs Sam played by Ohene K Odei and Vicky Johnson were kind of dreadful. There was a scene where they reveal how both of their daughters got married to Vietnamese men on the same day. (stupid idea BTW) They were ranting, raving and crying. It was a miserable performance. The crying was so fake *yawn* It was painful to watch.

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