Manslaughter: Nollywood star, Ibinabo convicted

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Thanks. The break was good for me.

Most of these people being called Nollywood star actresses cannot act when compared to the real but unsung actresses of the Yoruba movies.

One yellow girl or woman acts four Nollywood flicks and she is suddenly Nollywood star actress.

Naijarules should separate the actors from the impostors.

We do not have enough intelligent professionals to let someone who murdered one of them to escape unpunished.

From several samplers to Philip Trimnel to others to Fred Amata.
Who is next?

Please, give me a break.
I thought you said you just had a break.
If na to come slander actresses based on your obviously subjective opinion, then maybe you need another break.
Abeg, you can make your point without trashing anybody's personal life.
Nobody holy pass:653:
Not open for further replies.