Marketers Responsible For Slow Development Of Kannywood – Magaji Mijinyawa

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He is a vibrant actor, an old hand in the industry. Magaji Mijinyawa has an edge over most artists in the Hausa film industry because he is well-educated, his roles are multiple and he also has a sting in the English movies. In this chat with Mairo Muhammad Mudi, Magaji speaks on what is killing the Kannywood and other issues.

Tell us how and when you ventured into acting career?
I worked with the Nigeria Television Authority (NTA) Jos. Then I started acting on the set of drama of NTA then, Cock Crow at Dawn as Kwarkwaro, Behind the Clound and Surplus Blues. After 15years of service I retired and joined the Hausa film industry which is now referred to as Kannywood. We started with people like Waziri Zayyanu and Sani Muazu.

Share with us some of the films you acted on both in the Kannywood and the Nollywood.
There are films like El-Mustapha, Sayyada, Ahlal kitab, babban Gida, bayan Duhu, Mutum Tara, Fitilar Dare, Gimbiya, Uwargida Sakna, Bakandamiya and so many of them. And on the Nollywood I acted on movies like the world is Mine, Showdown, Mama Sunday. Sitenda, Royal Kidnap, Grand Play, The Chronicle of The Twins word etc.

Now with your experience both in the Nollywood and Kannywood industries, where can you spot the difference?
I am not trying to be biased but the reality is the Hausa film industry is better in terms of quality development and ideas of stories.

In Nollywood the stories you see there have similar story ideas. But the greatest short coming of the Kannywood is the cultural imitation. If only the Hausa film Industry would stink to the beautiful culture that is naturally abundant to it, it will be hard for any Industry to beat it. I only wish the Hausa Industry will outgrow the Indian Syndrome. But generally the two industries have grown significantly even though we are at the crawling stage.

Between the two film industries which one is more rewarding?
The more rewarding of them I would say Nollywood. The Nollywood with all its shortcomings seems to explore more market than the Kannywood and it has market control. The producers have a say in the marketing of their films. The Nollywood is more financially stable.

What other roles do you play in the Kannywood industry apart from acting?
I am also an editor, a director and producer. I directed Hanzari, Sabani Ajani and Mai Gari Yawaya So far I am in the process of producing Lomar Hasafi which has been directed by Waziri Zayyanu. I already produced Tababa and Koda Mai.

Between these roles which one is more rewarding financially?
I would have said producing is more profitable if not for the fact that the marketers are short charging the producers. Some of them would even get hold of a film and go ahead to pirate it without the knowledge of the producer.

Considering what I am seeing in the Industry whereby a producer finished producing with his money but would then take the whole films to the marketer who would not give a single kobo to the producer until he sells everything at the price he (the marketer) determines. With this scenario, don’t you think the Kannywood producers are the ones that gave themselves out to the Marketers?

The situation now is, the marketers have the final saying whereby the produces have no choice because when you finished production and take it to a marketer but you did not agree with his terms and left, none of the other producers would accept your films for sale. You see the producers have no any alternative way of selling their films apart from this way so they have to dance to the tune of the marketers.

The implication of all these is that the industry is not going to grow as wished. If the producer is not getting profit from his investment, how would he invest in the industry again? And in a situation whereby the production takes place, it will automatically affect the artists and the quality of the production. This is no good at all for the growth of the industry. My appeal here is for the marketers and producers to come together in other to find a lasting solution to this for the sake of Kannywood.

Marketers Are Responsible For The Slow Development Of Kannywood
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