Mean and Unromantic Husbands

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Recently, a pastor was with a women’s congregation and he made these requests of them:
Pastor (question): Can those with husbands raise up their hands?
Ladies: (They all raised their hands).
Pastor (question): How many of you love your husbands?
Ladies: (They all raised their hands)
Pastor (question): Are you sure ladies before God? Can I prophesy?
Ladies: Yes!!!
Pastor (question): When did you last tell your husbands that “you love him?"
Ladies: (Various answers but some of them said)- “today when leaving the house”, “last night”, "when we went to bed”, “This morning when I woke up”, etc...etc...

Pastor: Each one of you should send a message of “I love you” to your husband right now.
Ladies: They all sent the text message “I love you” 2der hubbies
Pastor said: Now exchange your phones please
Ladies: They all exchanged their phones
Pastor: Read out loud the replies from your husbands please.

Below are the replies to the messages from their various husbands:

1. Who is this message meant for???
2. Aaaah who is this??? If u stole my wife's phone, I hope u stole her as well.
3. Just don't tell me you are pregnant again!!
4. What is the matter!!??
5. What do you want again??
6. What is this supposed to mean??!!
7. You need money again abi???!!?
8. Hey! Did you smash my car???!!!
9. Resend this because I'm sure the intended recipient would be interested in reading it!!!!
10. To hell Jor!!!!!!!!!
11. I will beat you to death today until you tell me to whom the message was intended for

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More like lie lie women.
If you told him that morning or you tell him often his reponse will be 'love you too'

But then again some men are just Olumo rock when it comes to being romantic.
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