Mikel To Marry Nollywood Actress Rita Dominic?

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Tufiakwa: Please, Say It Isn't So....mikel To Marry Nollywood Actress Rita Dominic?

WOW: Mikel Obi Ready To Marry Popular Nollywood Actress?


This is a very juicy news, well let’s see who Mikel’s getting a ring for or better still going down on a knee for.
Different news have been stirring up on social media and everyone has been wondering if there’s been any affair between Chelsea FC player Mikel Obi and popular actress Rita Dominic.

Recently there was a photo of both of them in London. Rita was said to have run into Mikel and the two posed for a snapshot.

This got tongues wagging as to how the two could accidentally ran into each other being that many Nollywood celebrities have been in London without running into anyone let alone Mikel who has a tight schedule.

However, sources claim that the duo do not seem to be just normal friends as pictures of them hanging out in different places have been seen and it’s not just the pictures but the kind of intimacy shown in the pictures.
According to one of Mikel’s aides, he was sent to go scout for good expensive ring. He also made it clear that Mikel hasn’t been known with so many women, so all fingers point at Rita Dominic.

He also flew alone to Abuja immediately after the Sunday game, and he has been sighted with Rita two times afterwards.Recall that the actress recently claimed in an interview that the media destroyed her past relationships and would because of that not flaunt her ‘lover’ before the media at the moment.

Source: http://allafrica.com/stories/201310130279.html
URL: h ttp://ww.osundefender.org/?p=128700
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TM, c'mon now! Are you aware that Rita is 38 years old or something.
How old is Mikel again? 24??
HM...kai, if not that i have turned over a new leaf ehn, the thing i was going to say would have caused me and you to have a fight of epic proportions on this site today.


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If I were Rita I would marry that boy quick quick before the juju or illusion or whatever it is commot for im eyes. After all its no secret in the industry that Rita is desperately looking. Sometimes in life, opportunities only knocks once.


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Anyway, I recently watched an interview with Rita, the one with Toolz, and she said her bobo is a London based and she would not be revealing him because of what media had done to her relationship in the past. She later went on to say he's not a Nollywood star and that she's very happy with him and how she'd like to born pikin blah blah blah.

So na Mikel she dey yarn?!! Tufi...(I didn't finish it o)! 14yrs difference!! Tufiak...(I didn't finish it o)!! I was actually thinking she was protecting a no name man not knowing she was talking about Mikel Obi - One of the most popular people in the world!

Something I know for sure, Mikel go hia wien! Rita go hia wein! But at the end of the day we will all move on!
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