Mikel To Marry Nollywood Actress Rita Dominic?

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His Majesty

The Prince & Princess
HM you be real trouble maker.
:roll:rollTM, I kid you not. Back when I was in CKC, Onitsha, we used to put labels on gurls. There was a class of dames we call: bedable but dumb.
Those are the kinda gurls you never want to meet your friends or family. You only hang out with her behind closed doors.

omg! God really saved me from a lot of mess sha!


..still The Drama Queen!
i have been away for too long here on NR, but I thought His Majesty is the PREACHER man always bombarding us with Sunday School verses????? What's this about men and brain and wanting women for whatever else outside brain???
Has there been a 'backsliding' of 'faith' here?

I need to come to NR more often joor!
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