Mind Game

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talk about a long dream this movies did not meet its expectations i mean what happen did they run out of time or what ?
the only reason i finish the movies was my omot cause to me she is worth it.
my rating 5/10


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yes ooh sis, they are the same movie, i think ghana's very is 'AFTER THE WEDDING'. i bought one yesterday
at dansoman but i have not watched it yet. i was watching 'millions' yesternight, will watch 'after the
wedding' tonight. millions is another useless movie featurng john d, juliet i, and kofi a.

thanks for the red alert, i've been wondering whether Millions will be worth my cedis u know.


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beautiful movie. enjoyed it paa! well done john uche. storyline was cool, delivery good. all the new faces
were pleasing to the eyes and brought a bit of fresh air to the movie. patrick was cute. omot and her friend
had a nice onscreen chemistry, so is van and omot.


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My copy is called Sexy game. I thought this movie was THE PITS!


Betty played by Omotola Jalade Ekeinde meets Richie played by Van Vicker in church and they begin dating and not long after are married. Although the relationship was blissful before marriage after marriage things fall apart. On their wedding night Richie falls asleep instead of making love to his new bride who comes to the bedroom adorned in sexy new lingerie. To the outside world they appear to have a perfect loving relationship however the Richie turning his back on sex with Betty becomes a pattern, so much so that Betty begins to wonder why he married her in the first place.

Nollywood USA
Set in America most of the characters had American or pseudo American accents which I personally found quite irritating. One picks up a Nollywood movie to see an African setting. If we wanted to watch a black American film we know where to find them. I didn’t know this was one of these Nollywood USA productions or I would not have picked it up. Linda in particular played by Carlin Joseph I found most annoying. She sounded Haitian but was laying on the American accent thick, added to that she sounded like she was reading straight from the script. The lady who played Van’s mother Charmaine Turpin had a Caribbean American accent and then you have Van with a Ghanaian British accent. How does that work? Let me tell you something. It doesn’t! MESS MESS MESS. After looking it up I found out that it was a Nollywood – USA – Haitian Collaboration. It didn’t work for me.

Omotola Jalade Ekeinde
Omotola looked absolutely gorgeous. Great job on the hair and make up tip, but absolutely appalling choice for a movie considering she has been of the scene for a little while. Let’s just hope Ije will wipe away the unpleasant memory of this movie.

We get a hint of what is to come when Betty goes over to her aunt’s house. As she is watching TV she exclaims to the niece who was previously watching TV, “oh no two male loves … You shouldn’t be watching this.” I cringed at this line. It was so unnatural and so clearly thrown in to give some hint as to what was going to happen next. Subtlety isn’t always a Nollywood strong point. Is it necessary to treat the viewer like a complete imbecile?

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Sexy Game also called Mind Game | Nollywood Forever Movie Reviews
Betty (Omotola) is a very pretty Christian girl who attracts a lot of male attention, particularly from Patrick, one of her male coworkers (Reginald Lubin). She falls in love with and marries Richie (Van Vicker), a successful Christian man. They are the perfect couple, very good looking. She starts to live her worst nightmare when after their wedding Richie refuses to touch his wife. For three months, they play cat and mouse with each other, with Richie coming up with every excuse in the book to avoid intimacy. One day, Betty comes home early and accidentally discovers the reason for Richie’s refusal to perform his marital duties. What does she see, and what does she do about it?

After watching it, I understood why this movie got so many negative reviews. You are either pleasantly surprised by the twist at the end, or you roll your eyes and say whatever!! And the twist at the end is surprising, unexpected but overused!! Waaay overused! Its time to retire it. LOL.

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