Morris sesay premieres 'breaking free' in freetown, sierra leone!

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Believe Media presents the premiere of two movies; 'Breaking Free' and 'Cat & Mouse'.
"Breaking Free' was produced by Morris Sesay and is about domestic violence and spousal abuse
Breaking-free-Poster-Variation_04.jpg cat&mouse poster.jpg
Synopsis: When Maggi and Thompson got married, it was love at first sight. Things looked like it was going to one of those happily-ever-after fairy tales. However, less than a year on, the tides turned and Maggi found herself fighting the monster that her dear Thompson had become. This is a story of how love sometimes turns sour. This is a story of one woman’s quest at BREAKING FREE ...
starring Martha Sesay, Khadijah Koroma, Hannah Daramy, Ibrahim Khemalai and Morris Sesay. Directing was by Austin Nwaolie.
Premiere is taking place in Freetown on the 9th March (World Premiere) and 14th March. The other movie is called ‘Cat & Mouse’. ‘
It stars Chelsea Eze, Alex Ekubo, Bishop Imeh Umoh, Ada Ameh and Morris Sesay. This will also be premiering on the same day with 'Breaking Free'.
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