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Halima Abubakar started her career in Nollywood a decade ago and has gradually become one of the established names in the industry. Apart from the fact that some people saw her as too young to make an impact, others hang religious sentiments on her neck calling her a rebel just as a host of others believed she could not make it in Lagos, the home of Nollywood since she lived all her life in the ancient city of Kano.

“When I started acting, I didn’t think of any other thing; it was just acting that was on my mind. So, I had to act just because of the love I have for it and not because of any other thing. I started watching movies when I was very young. I grew up wanting to be like those people that I watched.”Undaunted, she forged ahead with minor roles which served as a springboard bigger ones.

Taking a look at her religious background, one tends to wonder what motivated her into acting in the first place.

“I started acting when I was in my teens, and the awareness then was not that much. People didn’t really know much about movies up North then. It was after the millennium that people started taking note of the movie industry. In short, when I started, I didn’t have a problem until people started making a big issue out of nothing. Even things that should not elicit any reaction, but because of the way those things were blown out of proportion, people were forced to take note and that brought controversies and bad comments from people.“

“Basically, I don’t think it is a problem. When you are given a job to do, I guess you are supposed to do it very well,” she said.

“80 per cent of what is written about me is alleged, they were not confirmed from me before they went ahead to publish the stories. So, I’m not bothered about what was written about me in the past, I’m living in the present now,” she added.

The actress disclosed that a producer or colleagues have never sexually harassed her since her foray into the big screen. She however confessed that she has been asked out but not sexually harassed.

The actress also said that she is presently not ripe enough to produce her own movie noting that everybody cannot be a producer and at the same time be an actor.

”Right now, there are many movies out there that don’t make sense to me. I’m a very busy actress doing other people’s job for now because if you don’t do it for them now, when the time comes for you to produce yours, who is going to be happy to work with you? I’m not expected to release any movie for now,” she revealed.

Halima is presently on a location working on a movie titled Kiss on “Royal Balcony,” where she is acting the lead character as an impersonator of Olu Jacobs’ daughter.

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