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This is an area where the movies still lack a lot.The producers save for some very few all seem to very much underestimate the role and the power of a very powerful music score in a movie.Some naija movie scores are so bad that all you wanna do is cover your ears from the bad monotonous sounds that are coming out.
The question is,are they getting better?Is better attention being paid to music scores and sound tracks?
What are your observations from the movies you have seen of recent?


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I think we have problems generally with sound...and then music and incidentals come into it. Hollywood movies don't even rely on the sound recorded on location. They lay the voices again in the studio. Now, since we are always in ahurry to get the next job out to make the next change, this is currently unrealistic.

Only good directors have a music guy like Sammie Okposo watch a movie before he scores for it. Most just tell the guy what to do for them and he goes away to create something pa-pa-pa, and they force it to go with what they have produced.

Another thing they do is hook up a keyboard to the NLE, so when they're done cutting a scene, they merely punch some keys and it generates what serves as mood music. We're just not focusing when it comes to sound - perhaps because we have not produced a movie music guy who knows what it means to do this job. One who knows would insist on quality as it is going to bear his credit.

And we're waiting for that music CD that will accompany the movie in release.


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Originally posted by Sola
Music cd... efit don dey sef. SOmething that will be cross-marketed with the movie.
You mean something like a MPST(motion picture sound track)?Now that would be interesting to hear.
In other world moviemaking industry,just as much attention is being paid to sound as to the image.There is no doubting the importance of music score in movies.
I watch naija movies like Saworoide,Igodo,Izaga,Mortal inheritance,Omen of love and so on and lasting impresions were left on me much because of the terrific music score and sound tracks that were incorporated to these flicks.
But as time goes on the true directors will rcognize this fact and we will know who is who.


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I think scoring videos with a decent soundtrack is getting easier and easier these days with a whole lot of softwares and sound libraries on CDs.It only now depends on whether the producers attach enough importance on sound on their projects.To score a movie digitally can't be that hard,is it?
BTW,composing music score for a naija movie is a new field that naija musicians need to explore.A lot of people might go into that,especially if they are good in instrumental music.


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I don't know about you people but awful scoring is killing the moods and atmosphere of naija movies.
Example,you hear this music that indicates impending danger in a romantic movie,when there is actually none.It is very distracting and keeps the watcher from suspending their disbelief.
Abeg,make dem improve for dat area fast fast o!
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