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My life tells a long story short of an apt and adventurous actress of Africa, born into the family of art. Great thinkers discovered and bequeathed to several generations in posterity the maxim that say’s “never despise the beginning of small things”, to a very large extent, it is an undeniable fact that my life epitomizes the veracity of this maxim. Born in Takoradi in the Western Region of Ghana, I am the Daughter of Alhaji and Hajia Sidiku Buari. My father is a very huge figure in the Industry of Art in Ghana, holding several positions including that of being the president of the Musicians Union of Ghana. His leaderships extend beyond the boundaries of Ghana into the international world where he holds very key positions such as the Vice President of International Federation of Musicians. Also as a successful producer, director, musician and actor, his influence in my life is obvious and evident in my present career as an actress.

My mother who is a beautician on the other hand has been the secret behind my outlooks since childhood. As the first child of the family, I have always pushed to desire the accomplishment of Herculean task, a tendency that makes me an inspiration to both my siblings and friends and more especially, to children who I love and who look up to me as someone to learn from while I also consider them as my best friends to learn from.

Having gone through the Ghana system of education, I am currently a holder of BFA degree in Fine Art from the University of Ghana, Legon. Not satisfied with this meager achievement, those who know me wonder why I incessantly continue to exhibit more penchants for higher education.

Acting has always been my ardent passion, dating as far back as my days in elementary school; I was always a regular member in the drama and dance groups. Though I will concede that at that time I was a bit nervous most often before people, a thing I’m yet to get over, the benefit here is that, because I always fear, I always prepare to do the best leading to who I am today. It is true as the saying goes that “they who fear nothing prepare for nothing, hence fail for doing nothing to prepare”. It came as no surprise when with my debut in the Ghana film industry playing a vital role in the movie “Beyonce, the president’s daughter”, I performed creditably. I have ever since caught the attention of a larger section of both the local and international communities.

Most people’s opinions about me is that of a rising superstar and often compare me to some Hollywood superstars. It is never rare an expression in my statement, my desire to some day be like these Hollywood stars I’m often compared with. To reach this goal, I have made it my purpose in life to make art a treasure for valuing morals, a pleasure for learning virtue and to bring meaning to nature through art. My uprising success in the entertainment industry has made me to be admired by many and making my influence in movies travel very far. This has led to the constant offers I receive by the Nigerian film industry to play major roles in most movies. The secret to my uprising success is simply self-motivation and the yearn to always carry a practical message to my audience. I find acting the most powerful medium to influence people’s moods and opinions on very key societal issues.

As a paragon of virtue, I try to be very modest as much as I can all the time, humble, warm, loving and trustworthy. I uphold these principles upon my believe in God and upon the conscience of the faith I have in my maker. I trust that how far I come and I far I will go rest in the permission of my God. For it is said, “No man can accomplish his mission in life without the permission of God”

I am Nadia but many of my lovely fans love to call me ‘Beyonce’ a name I personified in my recent successful movie.

For now I can say without any shadow of fear that in the darkness of no hope for African movies there is a rising star to give light in this period of darkness and this star in darkness is the film actress called Nadia S. Buari.

Let all who read this brief story about me be inspired to turn my story into their victory.
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